September 15th, 2008


Cheapest SFX dye?

I remember someone posting on here awhile back about having a very cheap source to get Special Effects hair dye online. I was hoping to find that out, as all the places I've found are WAY too expensive. Thanks!
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snow white is dead

extensions question

heey guys!

if you haven't followed my posts, my dreads are 10 months old.

now i've been reading the memories for about 2 days now on extensions; actual human hair extensions that i dread and put in. i think i understand it all for the most part, but the one thing i'm concerned about is pulling out the ends to get the ends as shown here. since my dreads are still quite young and maturing quite a bit, will loosening the ends cause problems in the future? the womans dreads are quite different from mine, mine are more inconsistent in size and fatter, so i was wondering if that would cause a BIG difference in how i should go about extending them.

also, this is going to sound really dumb, but human hair extensions will dread just like mine did right? they'll go through the process of being really loose and tighten up as time goes on? or do they stay in the same state as they did when i dreaded them?

i've just dyed my hair a few nights ago so i'll update with a video post and show you guys the colour. god damn dye is HELL to rinse out. guhhh.

OH and how would i go about removing the extensions in the future? couldnt find anything about that in the memories.
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i thought some of you might appreciate this.. or be completely discusted by it.
it's pretty gross.. but don't worry, right after these pictures were taken we cut off this poor cat's dreadlock.
it was light as a feather & looked like matted dryer lint.


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sick days mean gudu posts- 2 years 8 months

So I am sick sick sick today, and figured I'd update you all on my dreads. Unfortunately, my camera cord has been very lost, so you all have to deal with iphoto pictures. whatever.

My roommate's in cosmetology school, and recently cut my bangs. She just got a job at a local salon doing receptionist type work, and I might be going in soon to get a good, professional coloring job with foils in my hair and the whole lot if I get a discount. Or I might just grab a box dye and do it myself. We'll see.

I had a favorite hairstyle in high school that consisted of two twists instead of braids. Basically, you twist the hair against itself in two twists and it holds. It's the same concept as rope, essentially. This is what it looks like with dreads:

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Hello everyone! I've been lurking for months and finally decided it was time to post my dread-lings.

This was a few weeks ago:

They are about 5 months old. I only have three of them, but I've finally decided to say goodbye to the haircut I've had for nearly 3 years... and dread every last technicolor follicle on my head. The growing out process is so painful!

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