September 16th, 2008


I promised I would share!!

I saw all kinds of lovely dreadlocks and dread extension thingys at Nocturnal Wonderland. Didn't stop to take pics of all of em. I did capture this bunny's ribbon extension things.

Rest of the pics including my dreads under the cut.

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A question about product

Ok so I know that no product is really *needed* for dreads, and that using regular gel and such can gunk up the hair and cause buildup. But I have a client (I did his dreads about a month ago) who has his homecoming dance coming up, and he wants his dreads to look neat and tidy for the occasion. I told him I could pull in the loose hairs with a crochet hook and round the tips (also warning him that since his dreads are so young it may not stay) but I was wondering if there was any product that would help with this. I saw a reference to "lock and twist gel" or "dreadlocking gel" awhile ago on the community, but I can't remember what product was recommended nor can I find the posts. And yes I looked at everything in the memories I could find on the subject. So does anyone have any suggestions for something I could use for palmrolling his dreads, to help flatten the frizzies down at least temporarily for his big day? (I know I've heard aloe mentioned but I was thinking something with a little more hold maybe)

Thanks guys.
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big day! :)

Today my dreads turned 1 month old and I turned 18 years old!
I know it's probably hard to believe, because I look so young, but I assure you I really am legal. haha :)

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P.S. Does anyone watch America's Toughest Jobs? Who watched Ben kick ass at the Monster Jam Truck challenge last night? haha
pulled bakk


Generic Tea Trea Shampoo is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Putting it to the test, it worked better than ANY shampoo I've used. It's cheap, it still keeps my head feeling clean, and actually cut down the itching IMMENSELY. Aaah, little surprises of life.



i've been growing my hair for about 2 months now (an inch long! hurra!) from being shaved , and wondering what the shortest possible length to start dreading would be at?
as well, anyone have photos of short dreads and people with dreads and bangs together?
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here are babies, two days old-no wax, still very loose. they're holding together pretty well thanks to all the good shit in the memories I read up on. I'm worried about washing, hoping maybe my gentleness with them will cause them to stay together.
out of curiousity, how many people here use dr. b's? I'm very sparing with it cause I've heard its strong, but I really like the hemp citrus smell. if there's one thing I don't want to let go of, it's having my hair smell good. stinky dreads suck-if there are any tips for keeping them smelling nice and real clean please let me know!

also: beads-when is too early? obviously I'll wait another month probably, but for the future, how do you get 'em to hold real well?

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tips and tricks specific to my dreads? (fixing all my shit etc)

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Poll #1262089 Bangs with dreads

Do you have bangs?


i was wondering who has bangs with their dreads and who doesnt. I was thinking about combing out my front and cutting bangs but i was wondering how hard that would be to keep from tangiling with the other hair? I feel like i would be more "girly" looking with bangs rather than have all my hair back in a wrap all the time. Any input?