September 19th, 2008

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So I dyed my dreads again, they're black now. I got really tired of having them so many different colors. I'm really happy with them at this point, I think they look super good.
EDIT: I found a ton of older pictures I haven't posted here that show them before I dyed it, and they look pretty rockin', so some of those are in there too.

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Also, does anyone else here root-rub while driving? I quit smoking (yay me) and i always seem to have a free hand now in my car, since I'm so used to having a cigarette. I always seem to find myself root rubbing behind the wheel. Am I alone in this?

Apologies that my posts are always so picture heavy, I just constantly take pictures of everything, and myself.
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A gift from Goss :)

Twists? Pictures!

Okay, so I have a question:
A friend of mine has dreads, and on a recent visit to her place in Miami she told me that I should start twisting my hair. I'm not sure how familiar everyone is with it, but it's pretty much like a mini palm-rolling session for your roots with your fingers, except you twist the hair as well as causing friction with your fingers.

I've tried it, but I notice little results so far. I trust her because her dreads are beautiful; but there is one fundamental difference. She's black and up to dreads I had the silkiest white girl hair ever. I'm questioning it's effectiveness on my hair type, does anyone have any experience with it, and what did it do to your head?

And, since I haven't updated in like 6 months: EPIC DREAD PICTURE POSSSSSSSSSSSSSST

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