September 20th, 2008



Okay so since the first initial backcombing/ palmrolling, I've kind of just been leaving my dreads alone. Well recently I've been paying attention to them a little more, and it seems as though all of the roots are trying to grow together, and I remember reading somewhere to separate them while wet. Well my question is, do you kinda just pull them apart until there are no more roots connected to different dreads or what? I did that once and it made a kind of ripping noise and it scared the shit out of me. Hahah.

Also, I've been feeling kind of self conscious lately. I love my hair, I REALLY do, but my hair is super layered on the top, so the back of my has a really short top layer of hair and it looks super messy. And then yesterday my roommate told me the back of my head looked "fucked up". :[

But, on a lighter not, remember that beautiful boy I posted pictures of recently?

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