September 22nd, 2008

pray for nothing

Update time

I haven't posted an update in half a year so I thought I'd get to it.
They are almost a year old! WooHoo!
I'm visiting IL right now and really miss my pup!
Oh yeah, I also got a tattoo!

This is how I usually wear my hair, up and out of the way.


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Happy Equinox!

hello all!      here are a few recent pictures of my studly boyfriend. . .

it is apple season here in new york state! here is the boy picking the first wild apple:

and here is is playing his guitar:

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<333 love love love

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so it occurred to me today that my dreads turned two the other day so I thought I would do a mini timeline sort of thing.

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In the past two years I've gone crazy, gone vegan, dropped out of college, dropped 50lbs and found my soulmate. My hair has been like a friend, keeping memories and people with me.

I don't have plans to get rid of my dreads any time soon.

peace out pholks!

almost 6 months..

The boyfriend and I went on a well needed vacation after working for 2 years straight, and went camping for the first time together. We also went on a roadtrip, not super long but like 6 states and 3000 miles overall. Also went to Yellowstone, it was really nice! Not too touristy, amazing stuff, geysers and falls and huge animals, meadows and creeks and lakes and total awesomeness. And freezing cold at night, even in early September. I was mostly prepared.

Anyway, it would be crazy to post all of our pictures, so I'll just post ones with my dreads in them. And also some from the past to make a mini timeline. Sorry I did not have time to resize :(

Edit: Can I also mention, camping where it is so cold that I must wear a beanie AND a hood at the same time and pull the sleeping bag over my head works REALLY for dreads? My dreads felt insanely natty. I will take a couple of pictures in a week and I know I'll see a difference..
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this is my boyfriend.

here he is after a year and a month.
he is also camera shy.

and I was just curious,
anyone have pictures of couples with dreads?
or just your favorite person with dreads?

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