September 25th, 2008

emmys hair!

hey guys! long time no post! life has been crazy and i apologize for disappearing on you. but i promise i have ample reasons. anyhoo, this past weekend i went to the emmys and interviewed celebs for youtube and (explanation and links to videos below) and i was sooo nervous about what the stylist was going to do with my hair. i was certain she was going to be completely clueless and i would end up doing it myself. but it actually came out really awesome! check it out!

i need to track down her contact info to give her a formal thank you. i was so happy with how it came out. don't worry, i made sure to pay attention as she was doing it and asked her exactly what she did. so sit tight, tutorial coming this weekend!

more photos from my trip to the emmy's:

videos of me interviewing celebs on the red carpet and behind the scenes videos from my trip:

and if you're a member of ONTD here's a link to my full LA recap

I'm not asleep, I'm dreaming.

I woke up this morning having dreamed that someone shaved the sides of my head leaving me with a babydread-hawk. I was kind of surprised at how sad I was by it, and also surprised how relieved I was to feel my hair all in place upon waking.


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Anton Chigurh

Approximately 25 Months

My dreads turned two years and a month a few days ago! And, even though I have a million things to do in the next two days since Im going on a roadtrip from Michigan to Maine and back, it seems like a lovely night to post pictures.

I do not have the hard drive with all of my pictures on it, but I still had a few good ones from the last yearish on my laptop.

Also, ignore the weird punctuation- I spilled coffee on my keyboard recently and certain numbers, punctuation marks and numbers dont work.

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so I am in need of pictures of girls with
long dreads and bangs.

I am thinking about dreading my hair,
but I would have to have bangs.
and I am just curious as to how dreads look with bangs.
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oy oyooyi

favorite place to get dread accessories? beads, tams, etc.? 
more food for thought than looking for actual advice, but I need a couple of trinkets to stick in ma hurr

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all done. dreads are only 2 weeks old, I'm pretty much leaving them alone. tips appreciated.
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