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sorry [27 Sep 2008|02:25am]
i know that this was covered here recently but i cant find it and it isn't in the memories that i found, but how long would you recommend that i wait for my dreads to mature before i add wool to them via felting?

thank you!
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Hallo. [27 Sep 2008|08:58am]
[ mood | awake ]

As a rather wishy-washy member, I was struck with the urge to post some pictures after probably like, 4 months of disappearing.
So.  here we go!

Snip snip snipCollapse )

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[27 Sep 2008|10:00am]
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[27 Sep 2008|01:45pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

as i don't have a digital camera to call my own these days, the only pictures that display the progress of my dreadies as they move through their third year are those i can find on facebook from various events this summer.

painting the town red, pink and purpleCollapse )

keep up the gorgeous work frienzz

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25sept&27sept [27 Sep 2008|03:23pm]
25th September Collapse )


GOOF. I know i just posted last week. Im BACK, again. heee.
27th SeptemberCollapse )

I havent wash them for 5 days. longest time so far. crocheting on yor own head hurts so much! i cudnt feel my fingers after the 1st maintenance. i decided not to. probably just to neaten up the "body" of the dreads if i really need to. i wont disturb the roots anymore (:
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day 6 [27 Sep 2008|05:26pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

6 days oldCollapse )

happy weekend all♥

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My hairs! [27 Sep 2008|07:23pm]
[ mood | silly ]

It was 80's metal day at work today. Figured I would post the pics cause you can see my hairs!
Only one more picCollapse )

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