October 1st, 2008

scarlet begonias

six month update

i haven't updated in several months, because i've been plagued with generally busy-ness and a serious case of the uglies.
my dreads are six months old now, so i feel i should update.
i have mixed feelings about them. i have a lot of loose hair, which makes them look less mature than they are. and i feel like they're just not as mature as i expected them to be at this point. but i guess that's my fault, i hardly ever work on them. i just don't have the attention span to palmroll. and i usually like the quirky loops and zigzag-ness of my dreads, i just want them to be tighter already, and the loose hair needs to go. i'm sick of hearing the question "so are you going to make them look like normal dreads, or do you like them like that?"
i let my sister dye them a multitude of colors, mainly red and brown (but it turned out almost black, oh well). i like it, i'd never dyed my hair before aside from a one time henna process a year ago.
i have a lingering desire for bangs that just won't cease. my forehead is just so enormous and my hair doesn't frame my face well and i keep thinking bangs might help both issues.
but i don't really know.

hope you're all having a lovely night.


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Obligitory introduction post...

Hey dreadheads! I must admit I've been lurking around here pretty hardcore for the last week or so, but I feel like it's time to introduce myself...

I'm going to start my dread journey at the end of the month. It's been a loooong time coming for me. I remember asking my dad (who is a barber) to dread my hair in the sixth grade (of course he refused). A couple weeks ago it just hit me like a ton of bricks. IT'S TIME. I wake up thinking about them and I go to sleep thinking about them. I really feel like it's going to be a beautiful journey. So, here's a goofy picture of what I look like now...
I'm counting down the days!

Also, I'm so happy I found this community before I started. Like many people, the only info I had found previous was the usual wax, wax, wax instructions. So much good info in the memories!

Increase the peace!
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i wish...

it's been about... two and a half months now. they don't look like anything really. it's kind of depressing xD but i'm just letting them go natural for now. i don't have enough time to take care of them properly right now, and besides, i don't really know how to. it probably didn't help to dye them and wash with conditioner, but yeah xD

before the dying...

after the dying...
not much to see... :/

So... I spoke too soon.

Figures. Right after I posted my last pics from the wedding and complained that the photog was a slacker...

He dropped off the pics last night. I would apologize, but he's still a slacker. We were married August 23rd, dammit. It's October 1, prick.

Anyway... on with the pics. For once, you can really see the dreads in absolutely all their glory.

Here we am... the Zomby Woofs!

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(no subject)

Helloooo lovely headed dreaded peeps.
I have a stinking cold so in between snot dribbling (too much info?) i thought i'd post pics of me head innit.
I dyed my hair darker and left a few blonde pieces at the end. I also shaved off some baby hair from one side aas it wouldn't dread up and was driving me insane!!
so the result looks a bit like this......
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(no subject)

Hello everyone! So my dreads just passed the one month marker. They were a month on the 27th
I took some pictures of my hair just now, just the hair cause as you can kinda see in some of them, my skin hates me :]

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Thank you for looking!
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Darn it.

Ook so I Was dumb and left elastics in for to long. Now that Im taking them out, I have noticed that my hair is kinda wierd.  Its hard to explain, but My root are kinda kinked in a loop type thing. Im lost on what I should do. I have read the memoies and I still am lost. If anyone knows what the hell  Im talking about, or knows what I should do.. PLEASE HELP ME!!
south park me

mirror situation

Ok, so I can use a crochet hook, and I've been experimenting with floss threaders, but I'm having problems with seeing all the different regions of my head in the bathroom mirror. Just wondering how y'all SEE your hair when your maintaining it.
Pre-emptive apology if this is somewhere in the memories. I can not find it if it is.