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Partial dreads? Stop brushing? [03 Oct 2008|11:50am]
Namaste, beautiful people. :)

I've been dread-dreaming for years, and after tripping into a rabbit hole this Summer and banging all my limbs on Jungian psychosis/satori/ego death/cognitive dissonance/terror-enlightenment-peace on the way down, I've emerged wanting more desperately than ever to look like my authentic self...

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Hmmm... unexpected issues... [03 Oct 2008|02:27pm]
Hello all,

My dreads are 3 years, 10 months old. They're pretty tight and I love them loads.

Recently, however, Ive been getting a lot more loose hair than previous and the ends of my dreads seem to be unravelling a bit. This seems really odd for mature locks.

I haven't changed my shampoo, or anything else in my care routine. The only difference is that I've moved house. I wonder if the water here is different, and that has done something to my locks...

Does anyone know anything about this? Also, what can I do to try and reverse the "damage"? I've never really done much to them other than washing once a week or so, palmrolling when they're wet and dreadballing bits of loose hair and stuffing them into a nearby lock. Even this seems to be coming undone. It's like my hair's softer than it was somehow.

Quite a conundrum!

And, just to it's not text only...

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At Lish's Request... [03 Oct 2008|03:18pm]
[ mood | calm ]

more pictures :)

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5 months (i think) [03 Oct 2008|06:08pm]
Will get more shots of the back/sides and wotnot soon, but here's a couple of pics from a rather sweaty night out...mmm...


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[03 Oct 2008|06:17pm]
[ mood | clear ]

i dont know anyone here anymore, it has been a long time and im really sorry. i want to share with you pix noone had seen, i have been enjoying dreadlocks for more then 10 years and i have been growing mine for about 3 years. i didnt start right away i braided the curls i liked in my hair then dreaded them. See i have semi curly, semi thick hair. this time around i was determined to do this alone and natural. no wax, noone touching me hair but me!! well there comes a time when you need something, someone. i have used rubberbands to "fix" or "organize" my hair. that is my mistake i am doing my best to correct, but because of this i have alot of long loose hair.

my question is, can i correct my long loose hair with by sewing, or should i trim then and do it. also i use no tears baby shampoo to wash, does anyone thinks thats bad?

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8+ month timeline [03 Oct 2008|07:06pm]
Um, so I fail greatly.
lishd started my dreads back in January, and I was SO excited to finally have something legit to post in this community after being a lurker for about 3 years. And then what happens? I spend the next 8 months forgetting to post :/
But no time like the present, eh?

Obligatory before shot; night before I flew out to Seattle.

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Sooo, that's it for now :) Glad I finally did this; I'd only been putting it off for almost a year. I promise to post more in the future; I want to be more a part of things around here.
Oh, and any Bay Area dreadheads around here? I've seen tons of gorgeous kids roaming about in Berkeley; didn't know if any of them roamed here too :)

[EDIT]: Oh man. Totally just found my first post in this community from back in April of 2006: http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/2817404.html
I was SO clueless about dreads back then; probably why I didn't keep them for longer than 4 months.
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puppies and dreadlocks [03 Oct 2008|07:26pm]
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