October 4th, 2008

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Six months!

Huzzah, I have made it to the first big dread birthday!  Six months today, the 4th, since I started my journey.  They are currently irking me because I have a lot of loose hair and they're not co-operating when I roll or crochet them... and there's no one around (that I know of - anyone in or around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?) who will help me.  But overall, I love my hair, and especially as I've recently added some beads and wraps, they make me feel exotic and pretty and awesome.  ^^;

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This is me a few days ago, about to go to bed.  :D  It's a sort of cute picture, right?

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I'm thinking I'm going to bleach some of them soon.  I love blonde dreads, and I like to change my hair a lot.  ^^;  So perhaps next month you will see some blondey locks on my head!


I'm going Halloween shopping today, and now that I have thick year-and-a-half old dreads, I'm wondering how to get them under a wig...I was thinking of just pinning them down flat to my head and putting a tight swim cap or something over them under the wig.

Any suggestions? How would you guys do it, if you had to wear a costume with a wig?

maintenance in Central VT?

A friend of mine recently said to me on the phone "maybe I should do the dreadlock thing" I always told her she would look cute in dreads. If she does do it I don't want her to be on her own like my mom was. My mom cut hers off after a year due to lack of info and help. (she never palmrolled so they were flat and funky, didn't rip or know how so lots o mating at the scalp). I get sad every time I think about it...if only I was around my mom would have kept her dreads...or I knew someone. :( I don't want it to happen again soooo...

If she does it she would need someone to help her with the loose hairs. She would want to keep it neat and may have some freak out questions/days. I'm 3000mi away so...if I started them, is there anyone in Central VT who could help her with maintenance without screwing it up? (no root flipping etc.) Burlington would work, but something closer would be better. I know there are a ton of hippies wandering around but I don't know them and who knows what a random person would do to her hair :P
fuck yeah!
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Don't worry, it's not more of my own! I went to my brother-in-laws wedding! I had really cute buns but you can't really see them close up in any of the photos, unfortunatly. But here's a couple in my pretty dress:


Me and my best friend

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Last night was our homecoming game, and I usually don't have any school spirit, really, but I had to be there to paint faces for art club. We ended up making some good money, too. Here's some pictures from the game, and just some for the heck of it. :)

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I hope everyone has been having a wonderfully dready time lately! :)


i've finally decided after about a year of lurking that i'm ready to take the plunge.
is there anyone in or around west haven or new haven, CT willing to help out a newbie?
my hair is very thick, curly, and hopefully this link works so you can see the length.

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