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[05 Oct 2008|12:03am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

dreads will be 3! in jan. Woo hoo.
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hey! [05 Oct 2008|12:33am]
ok sorry one last thing i've been meaning to post something about this girl on myspace. She has her own music page some really beautiful chill music. She has cut her locks but they were soo dang purty i had to share. check out her music too :D
check mine out too if ya wanna...i like friends :P
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introduction [05 Oct 2008|01:24am]
first of all, i've been lurking for an embarrassingly long time & all of you dreadheads have been a wonderful help & inspiration. thank you!

my dreads will be a year old on the 14th & i'm planning a timeline, but there's no time like the present for how-do-you-dos.

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i'm emma, i live in virginia & i'm glad i'm finally posting like a real person
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just cause i havent posted here in a while [05 Oct 2008|12:53pm]
story time!

so i was on my way to buy some film the other day, and i stopped by the beauty store next to CVS first to get some of my favorite delicious hemp lotion! i saw that they where selling a three-in-one dye brush with a comb and needle for 70 cents so i decided to get one, since im gonna be dreading three heads this month. as i was paying for the brush, the beautician asks me "oh do you know how to fix weaves?" and i said "oh no, i use it to... :(hesitant pause, because i was afraid she would give me dirty looks/ask me stupid questions i wasnt in the mood to deal with): fix and make dreads" and she goes "wow thats so interesting! how do you do it?" and since she seemed to be nice about it, i showed her my bottom dreads and did a little explanation on how i'd use the hook needle for loose hairs and maintenance, etc. and she called over all the other ladies working at the store to see. of course, they all had comments like "wow i had no idea dreads needed maintenance to look so nice" "i always thought you had to just have dirty hair" and then i had to give a whole explanation on the stereotypes of dreads, but how they're actually time-consuming, etc. and pretty much ended up giving a lecture to the whole beauty store on dreadlocks. they where all really polite and interested, and it made me happy cause i usually get dirty looks and comments from any beautician on my dreads, so it was pretty pleasant :)

hope everyone is enjoying their sunday!
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Mushy hiking. [05 Oct 2008|05:07pm]
[ mood | I love bubbly liquids. ]

We went hiking. Wanted to share pictars.


goats! ^_^.

Mah lovez ;x




It was a good day; but no reachable mistletoe. @_@

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Questions about deep cleaning. [05 Oct 2008|06:52pm]
I want to try to deep clean my dreads, but I have a couple of questions.  And yes, I've read all of the entries in the memories.

First, is lemon juice vital to the recipe?  Would it do anything differently if I basically used baking soda and salt?

Second, are there any alternatives to tea tree oil?  I have no idea where to get this in my town, but while I'm searching I really feel the need to deep clean.  I want my hair to be clean and soft, and my dreads and roots to be tight, and my scalp to be non-itchy and non-flaky.

Third, specifically about the tea recipe (Lish might want to ignore this one, or at least note that I'm not planning on just using whatever I have in my kitchen - I'm just curious), if you have tea that has peppermint IN it, but it's not solely peppermint, would that make a difference?

And finally, would having beads and wraps and things in my hair make a difference in the process of deep cleaning?

I know I sound completely clueless and ignorant, but I just want to know as much about it as possible, and any alternatives that don't mean I have to go out and buy a bunch of ingredients.  Any information you guys have is appreciated.  Thank you.  <3
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3 month olds [05 Oct 2008|10:22pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Hey gang! I've been lurking since April (before I had dreads), got them on July 6th, and here I am finally posting. :)

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[05 Oct 2008|10:29pm]

I don't remember ever seeing this posted. Apparently he has the longest hair in the world... And it's all one dread!! The video is not in english but it's still fun to watch. Keep a close eye out around 2:45 while the older woman is playing with his hair. Look in the bottom left at the younger woman. Does she pick her nose and then wipe it in his hair?!
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Our Wedding Photos! [05 Oct 2008|10:57pm]
Our official wedding photos are finally back! These don't show off the dreads as well as the engagement photos, but I thought some people might be interested anyway...

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Update [05 Oct 2008|11:04pm]

I've been lazy. Sorry peeps.

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