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me again me again! [08 Oct 2008|12:51pm]
im waiting for the boyf to finish his photography class. i decided to do my own clickclicking.
my webcam is now back working.

havent touched my roots for 2 weeks.
totally stopped using knottyboy's thightening gel. it doesnt work, really :(

super duper ridiculous ones so far. from frens to strangers the same.
"how long havent u washed?"
"whats inside those?"
"did u burn them to be like that?"
"can u open one for me to see the inside?"
"ok, so now u convert religions?"

This one is from the 2nd day of hari raya. at gram's. i love those earrings.

ok now! laters.. daa~
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Fall is here! [08 Oct 2008|01:37pm]
It's so beautiful outside: vivid colors and falling leaves. Ans sun is shining. Snatch the moment )

Modeling and clothes by militarasta
Photos by me.

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Surprising Photo [08 Oct 2008|01:41pm]
[ mood | pleasantly surprised ]

I had no idea my dreads had grown this long:


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[08 Oct 2008|02:17pm]
today is my
2 year dreadiversary!Collapse )
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JELLYFISH! [08 Oct 2008|02:46pm]


Under the Sea...Collapse )

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Intro [08 Oct 2008|04:57pm]
What's up?!  Just found this community, so I thought I'd drop in and say hello. My dreads had their 4th birthday a month ago!!!  I still love 'em just as much as day one, if not more.  Good luck to all those who are just beginning their adventure.  They've been frustrating and annoying at times, but stay strong.  Keep giving 'em the love they deserve and it will pay off.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I don't really have any on my computer right now. When I get some loaded I will post them.

One Love
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I'm just not sure [08 Oct 2008|05:22pm]
on a moving truck
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6 months? psshh [08 Oct 2008|06:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

OH HEYARR. nearly 6 months? ive been out and about and my locks have literally gone a bit native :S

check this:Collapse )
pls work lj cut

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remeber the vacation to the moon? [08 Oct 2008|06:09pm]
It's been an awfully long time since I've update, so here are some pics as per usual.

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100. [08 Oct 2008|06:31pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

So after watching this comm for actually ages I decided that I really did want to get what I could of my hair dreaded.

I sat there one evening listening to Tori Amos & drinking cider & called Paul & just asked him to come round & dread my hair, so within the hour, him & his girlfriend turned up & surveyed my hair that I have been attempting to grow so slowly, an undercut is never a very intelligent thing & neither is shaving half of my head.

Mel spent most the night thinking about her baby dreads & my boy was jealous as his had to be cut off a few months ago, but it was a fun night & the rest of my hair will be done soon as soon as it has the length.

So I finally have some photos of my silly hair & baby dreads & alas no make up, I'm too lazy.
It's all under the cut. :)

Tippy tippy ty all over the worldCollapse )

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second attempt [08 Oct 2008|06:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so this is my second attempt at having dreads.
The first time was back in May/June, I wasn't ready. Now i am though and am very proud of the way they look already (:

they're only a day old (:

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green! [08 Oct 2008|08:07pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I reallllly need to cut my bangs, they just grow so fast!
My dreads are nearing their first birthday, and I'm going to Iowa on Saturday for some maintanence, so expect a timeline soon! :)

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wraps [08 Oct 2008|08:44pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Hey party people!

Little problem here:

I am trying to put a wrap on one of my dreads on the side of my head..... I remember  how to make those "friendship bracelets" and I think it should be the same idea, right?  Somehow, I can't do it to myself though.....  Is there a trick to doing a wrap on your own head?


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2 months! Woo! [08 Oct 2008|08:56pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So like a lot of folk recently, I've decided to take the leap from lurker to poster... So here I go!

My dreadies are 2 months old, some are coming together well... Some not so well...

piccies!Collapse )

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A seasonal topic: hats! [08 Oct 2008|11:17pm]
I like hats, so I'm curious about everyone's fall/winter headwear.

When the days start getting colder, what kind of hats do you guys break out? Do you have a special hat for your head this year? Post pictures if you have them! :-)

My new favorite hatCollapse )

I'm currently passively looking for something more conservative, beret-like that will fit my head comfortably. I don't really look good in hats, but they do make a big difference when it starts getting chilly!
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