October 12th, 2008

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Good afternoon my fellow dread heads just woke up and thought i would post a pic. my dreads are getting longer which is fun to feel them sway and move around. 3 years in jan.
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Get it? "Dread up" + "update"? Bah, I thought it was funny. I noticed my dreads were doing a cool thing today so I thought I'd spam your flists with a picture. Last night I spent some time hanging out a blacklight art show/fundraiser that my friends put on. It was cool to see the stuff I helped put up being enjoyed by so many folks from so many walks of life. Here's the relationship to my hair: something happened when I decided to let my hair dread up. Before I dreaded up, I would have just worn a plain t-shirt and been as nondescript as possible. Last night, though, I made a t-shirt from dyes, staining my bathtub in the process. I wore my viking hat that turned out to be blacklight reactive. I cut up some socks to make blacklight arm warmers. I can't say exactly why it was so great to be repeatedly asked "oh, are you the artist of this piece?" but man, before...nobody would have said that to me. Thanks, dreads, for letting me feel like I can stick out a little as a result of doing what I want to do and it'll be OK.



I've checked the memories for anything on henna, but i didn't find much.
has anyone got experience with it?
my hair is currently chemically dyed red, but i've decided i'd like to start using red
henna instead because i think it looks more natural and beautiful.
i'm happy to use chemical dye one more time and bring my hair to a light brown, or
my naturally blond shade before using henna.
anyone got any pictures of hennaed dreads?
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Take me out to the stone age

what ho fellow wooly headed mongrels, whats the cráic. it being sunday i vespad my way into the middle of nowhere to look for a bronze age hill fort used by the kings of leinster untill medieval times. i found it but i also found a much cooler quartz Dolmen  that i didnt know was anywhere near me

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so party in my place the saterday after the fall of society? BYO hay!
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Windy Dreadies

Last week, I drove up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. It was definitely a sweet- if not terrifying- drive, but not something I want to try in mid-October again. The winds at the top were insane [the summit building is chained down to keep it from blowing away] and I got some sweet pictures of my dreads blowing around in the wind.

Oy! These are huge- all apologies!

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I definitely need to take Epic Road Trips more often. Maybe with another person for a change. Hope everyone has a lovely week :D
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