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New member, some specific hair type questions [14 Oct 2008|01:53am]
First, I've read the majority of the memories, some multiple times if they pertain to starting new dreads, sectioning, and hair type.

however.. I'll still a little stumped. (I'm sorry If I'm repeating, Its hard to soak in so much information quickly"

I've been thinking about getting dreads for quite some time, and I have decided that now is the time to do it

I know a lot of the size your dreads will come out depends on your hair type, but I am interesting in seeing examples from some of you to get a general idea of what I'm looking at. Before/after dreads preferably, a description would be so much help.

Another question I have is about parting, currently I have a diagonal side part that I think suits me. When it comes to dreads, how do you part them, and did you take this into account while sectioning?

Below the cut I have a picture of my hair, a little description of the hair I have and the dreads that I want

Please help, and thank you in advance!

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new [14 Oct 2008|11:35am]
howdy all, just joined this community and thought i'd make a first post with some pictures, they're all from my phone so they're not the greatest quality but you'll get the idea. the 2 i have hanging in the front on my right side are about 3 years old and the others in the back i just added back in may. there's some really nice heads of dreads on this community and i look forward to seeing a shit ton more. anyway, without further ado pics


few moreCollapse )
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Nawm NAWM NAWM [14 Oct 2008|12:38pm]
I finally got some pictures of the hairs in daylight.
NawmzCollapse )

Edit. Thank you!
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[14 Oct 2008|01:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Happy Birthday DreadiesCollapse )

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Nearly 3 months! [14 Oct 2008|03:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So...my babies are nearly 3 months now. Will be so on the 19th! :)

Carried me out to sea, pushed me over the edge.Collapse )

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Mah hur is purty not durty! [14 Oct 2008|03:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Man I was just driving home from the grocery store, and I had my window rolled down because it was unusually sunny in the Pacific NW. So at a stoplght I hear some girl yell at me: "Wash your hair lady!"
So, me being a nice lady, I yelled back: "Fuck you. I DO wash my hair."
With perfect timing to drive away at the green light :D

It makes me mad though, 'cause I didn't wash my hair any more than I do now when I didn't have dreads. I've even had friends be like "Do you still wash your head?" XD
(I might even wash my dreads more than I did my hair! ;p)

And now a webcam pic for good measure!

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Two months! [14 Oct 2008|04:33pm]
So my babies turned two months old yesterday! Yayyyy.

Pictures, of course!Collapse )
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[14 Oct 2008|05:16pm]
can you guys show me some pictures of
really short dreads
or dreads with undreaded bangs?

and whatnotCollapse )
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Six Months [14 Oct 2008|05:43pm]
Thought it was time for an update. We're both at six months, yah?

His mostly natural (especially in the back), mine mostly backcombed (especially in the front).

[day 51] thuthpithus perthonth

picsCollapse )
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what the F@!k this isn't high school anymore! [14 Oct 2008|05:58pm]
your in a university bitchCollapse )
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new pix [14 Oct 2008|06:00pm]
very new pix. my dad says it doesnt look real, in a good way. hahaha im not sure i get it.

i love you more today then yesterdayCollapse )
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[14 Oct 2008|06:03pm]
anyone here ever comb out dreads in kinky and/or very tightly curled hair?

my dreads are over 3 1/2 years old, and are locked down tight.

i've been considering combing out a handful of the front ones as several of them are disintegrating. if a com out is possible, i'm toying with the idea of braiding the loose hair into long micro-braids so i can have some of the movement/appearance of loose hair, without the maintenance of loose hair (make sense?)

anyway, i'm not even sure if it's a task that's even doable considering how tightly dreaded my hair is, and how naturally tangly it is.

and so this isn't all text:

here's a bad phone pic of me and my throwing knivesCollapse )
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Lets see exactly how one-sided we really are [14 Oct 2008|06:13pm]
Poll #1278589 dready politics

Who are you dreadheads votin' for?


This is related.
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An update [14 Oct 2008|08:20pm]
So here is an update (at the bottom of the blog) of my madness... http://mamamojo.wordpress.com/2008/07/15/the-dreadlocked-mess-momster/

Whatcha think?
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one year timeline [14 Oct 2008|08:32pm]
so i made an introduction post earlier in the month & my hair hasn't changed too much since then, but since today is officially their birthday i figured a timeline was in order.

with my friend james the other day

it's amazing how many changes can happen in one yearCollapse )
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That kid... [14 Oct 2008|09:43pm]
I met this kid after school the other day. He was kind of an ass, but he was asking me questions about my dreads (and i was answering). Then he said that he'd kind of like to have dreads and i got kinda excited and told him that i could dread his hair for but, but that it would have to be longer.
He asked me how i did mine and i told him that i back-combed them. He was like oh, no i don't want to do mine like that...
I asked him if he wanted to do them the neglect way and he said, 'No, i want cool dreads'

i still haven't figured out what he meant...
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world tour [14 Oct 2008|09:48pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I havent posted for a while a pic of my locks and now there on the world tour(well asia)

At the Start in Delhi

Dreadlocks on world TourCollapse )

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Biotin Experiment [14 Oct 2008|10:45pm]
So, I just bought a bottle of Biotin as well as another bottle of B Complex.

I realize there is no "proof" or studies that Biotin or B vitamins help your hair grow faster.  Yes, I have read the memories, as well as other research.  So, since I gather there have been no experiments done on this topic, I was thinking: Why don't we start our own informal experiment here on GUDU?

I started the biotin today.  Is anyone else interested in starting biotin with me and we can compare notes to see if we think it is really helping our hair grow faster?

Just a silly though!


sending love to the dreadies
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[14 Oct 2008|11:31pm]
[ mood | good ]

ok so something that I have gotten a lot recently is people will be like "oh your hair is so tight cause it looks like lil wayne's hair"
and then this guy was lookin at me and my sis and said to me that i look like lil wayne's sister lol and then told my sis that she looks like don king. Its kinda funny though cause a kid used to call me don king when i was little but now i am lil wayne's sis. crazy! do any of you have people tell you that you look like someone just because you have locks?

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