October 15th, 2008

After a year, I've decided to brush my hair.

When I put in my dreads, it was a spur of the moment decision. It was a physical catalyst that led to an internal change, and I'm very thankful for the path that my dreads have led me down.

However, it's time for a change. So, with lots of conditioner and patience, I've decided to comb them out. I'm not sure how much of the length I'll be able to keep, and I won't find out until it's all brushed. It's hard so far, not just the act of removing them, but the emotions that go with it. It's sort of the end of an era, getting rid of something that I've had with me every second for an entire year. I sort of feel like I'm losing a friend somehow, but I know that this is what I want right now. I've been in a rut for so long, and it's time for something new. Physical changes, at least for me, always seem to cause a change in the rest of my life too, and it's time for me to move onto the next phase of my life.

I'm not done with dreadlocks. I plan to have another set later, maybe in a few years. I like them, but now's just not the right time anymore. 

My heart is heavy, but I really, really look forward to the brush.

Why did you keep your dreads?(or Why did you comb them out?)

There seem to be many recent posts about combing out dreads, and I keep thinking about it too. I found myself staring longingly at the woman next to me yesterday, and only because her hairline looked so smooth and clean, so close to her head...sigh...

SO - folks who resisted the urge to comb out over time, how do you enjoy your patience?  What did you learn? OR - folks who did comb them out - what did you learn?

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  • nei_tan

dreads w/o bangs?

hey all you fabulous dreadies! *waves*

I'll be dreading my hair in about 4 months (oh, the wait!), and I'm super excited about it. the 4 months is needed to grow out my bangs to a reasonable length, before I go begging to the glorious lish to help me dread them.

I love watching this community, and seeing how creative you folks get with your dreads, and drooling over the posted pics. I've noticed a trend, tho... many of the ladies on here keep their bangs and dread the rest of their heads. my plan is an all-over dread, as my bangs are the bane of my existence. so, I was wondering... would anyone be willing to share dread pics who doesn't have bangs? I'm really curious to see that dread-hairline!

below the cut are two pictures of my hair as-is. it's incredibly thick, and I'm hoping it will dread well. any thick-haired dread-heads out there?

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thanks, guys!

EDIT: already I've gotten a ton of replies, thanks so much everyone! I'm now even more excited to dread my head (which I didn't think was possible!). huzzah! now if I can just NOT alienate all of my friends and family by squeeing about dreads for the next four months. ;)
waning crescent

long-time lurker, first-time poster

I've been lurking GuDu for around 5 months, devouring the memories, loving all your photos and stories, and wishing i had a camera to share my journey with you. After getting caught up in today's political poll, though, i figured i should actually join and introduce myself.

Hi, i'm David, and i've been developing dreads for 6 1/2 months. A friend of mine started them with several painful doses of rip-n'-twist and other techniques generally frowned upon in this community. He was the only person i knew with dread experience, so i trusted his judgement. As i learned more from GuDu (and as he became increasingly difficult to schedule "maintenance" with), i stopped covering them, started washing them more (now i use heavily diluted Method dish soap), and generally worried less about how they'd turn out.
At this point, my dreads have some ugly loops and some cute ones. They don't like to stay separate at the back, and there's quite a bit of loose hair dangling off the ends back there too (as much as 4 inches on some). The front ones are solid and rounded their own tips. A few, i'd almost call fatties, and others are pencil-thin and waiting to be combined. I've had frizzies as long as i've had dreads, and i keep telling myself that one day i might have someone crochet them in (i even bought a very-small crochet hook, but i'm King of the ProcrastiNation).
My dreads don't look like i imagined they would when i started. I often get annoyed when one of the front dreads gets in my view while i'm driving or tries to set itself aflame on my cigarette. Once in a rare while, i desperately miss being able to rub my bare head (i kept it shaved for most of 8 or 9 years then grew it for 2 more before knotting). All the same, i love my locks.

I'm going camping with a camera-wielding friend in Red River Gorge this weekend. Maybe, come Monday, i'll finally have some photos to share.
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  • xhelx

new here

 Hi there. My name is Mel and I just found this community. I'll post some pics of me so you can see my dreads. I was hoping there was a community to share pictures of different ways to style your dreads but I couldn't fine one. Anyone know of such a community? Anyways, this is me and my hair.

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(no subject)

So today at work (bottle shop) i was in the fridge grabbing a carton of beer for some old dear and this guy came upto me and complimented me about my dreads. It was nice until....

weird fridge lurker: they look cool but i bet they stink huh?
me: uh no.... theyre minty fresh
weird fridge lurker: i dont believe you. let me smell your hair
me: I'm.... um.....I'm working bud
weird fridge lurker: Nothing suss i just want to smell them.

So i let him...

Fuck me what a random encounter
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I recently joined this community and have just been AMAZED at what a lovely close knit community this is!! Everyone is so supportive of loving every person's unique dreadlocks!

I myself don't have dreads YET, but have really gotten the urge recently to create a piece of art with my hair. I really feel that I will develop a relationship with my hair and embark on a spiritual journey with my life. At least I hope so because I really need something like it at this point in my life.

I had a few questions though.
I swim alot and so I get tons of chlorine in my hair. What is the best shampoo for that oncce I create my dreads?

And for starting dreads, is it best to just start them first for a few months before adding beads and yarn and pretty things?

All right that's all my questions for now. I really am so happy to have found such a beautiful community of people! :) 
han solo

Recent pics

They're about 9.5 months now, still growing and tightening and being overall, just awesome. ^_^ I've been working on a local horror movie lately doing SFX and makeup, so I've been busy as hell. But I felt I was due for an update. =) All of these pics are from behind the scenes stuff from the movie.

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If you're interested in checking out the movie, the website is http://www.wakethewitchmovie.com. We're hoping to get distribution with blockbuster and netflix. Exciting!

Hope everyone is well. =)

  • juny476

'It's just hair'

I know this phrase is what kind of helped me make the Big Decision (haha).
I figure that's what helped other people too.

What I really like is that now, for me, it's not just hair anymore.

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ive been a prankster lately
i photoshopped my dreads out so it looked like i had no hair,
then i uploaded the picture to facebook.
and everyone believed me.

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i also think itd be a badass idea, if someone made a time-lapse of their dreads.
i was going to when i started, but i never did, and i feel like its too late to do it now.

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