October 16th, 2008

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apparently I'm bizarre

 Reading through this community I've discovered that the things I like about my dreads are what most people are apparently trying to avoid or fix. This made me giggle so I thought I'd post about it. I flip my dreads, all the time, over and over again. Yes, right through the root. I do this because it leave weird knots and bumps in my dreads. So they kink, and curl and knot. They come out looking like a knarled wavy tree branch. I'm into that. I love the texture.I also leave my ends undreaded. I like the wispy hair coming out of the ends, for some reason I can't stand a rounded end to my locks. Also, I really like the few flat dreads I have, they're my favorites. If you want to see what I'm talking about I posted a bunch of photos of my hair yesterday, so it's about a page earlier. Anyways, I guess I'm an odd bird when it comes to what I want out of my messy ass locks.
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hey guys. I was at cosmetology today, and one of my instructors was telling me that im gonna have to take out my dreads for my state board exam to obtain my license. im in california, and I knew that the test was hard and extremely strict, but that is ridiculous! now, im posting here because im not quite sure if she was very accurate or not, she's 60.

my dreads will be about a year and a half by the time state board rolls around, so im curious if any of you dreadheads are licensed cosmetologists and if you took your state board test with dreadlocks. thanks!
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dread scans!

So, my hair is green. Or should be. Unfortunately, I've realized that my hair is still locking up, and I guess the hair in the center of my dreads [that the dye didn't touch] is working its way to the outside of the dreads now. Who knows...
Have any of you experienced anything like this happening?

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I just wanted to say thankyou for all the nice things you all said about me dreads. I'm sorry I dont have anymore pics due to the fact that I have no camera due to the fact that all my money is now going to a plummer :(....anyway thanks to all peace out.

woo, 2 months! :)

My dreads turned two months yesterday! :)
I am loving them more and more every day; loose hair, frizzies and all!

My Environmental Science teacher now calls me "dread" all the time, rather than by my name, because he thinks it's funny to poke fun at me. It's all outta love though, so I don't mind it :)

Also, some kid the other day was helping me on an assignment and was studying my hair rather than our work and exclaimed "they're coming undone!! :(" because my roots could use some maintenance ;) but I explained to him that it's just because I'm lazy and their young, and they most likely will never come undone without severe aid. haha I just thought it was cute how concerned he was for my dreads' well being :)

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PS - www.Palinaspresident.com
if you haven't already seen it. LOLLL.
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re: just one.

i need to make a timeline of pictures of my dreads with this shirt on. i swear, there's got to be a ton. i promise i do wear other clothes periodically!

i'm rather enjoying the way my loose tips are curling. i want to comb out the few underneath that have stayed crocheted, hopefully that will happen over the weekend. i'm glad i tried having rounded tips and having a mix was nice, but twirling the loose tips around my finger has become a stress reliever, as has pulling on the skinny dreadlet behind my left ear.

oh, and you can check out naughty_knotty to see what my dreads look like with the shirt off. ;)
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