October 17th, 2008

A beginner

Hello all! It's my first time posting to this community - I'm glad I found it!

Well, I've been seriously considering dreads for several months now, and I went through the memories for some advice (and some were indeed given/learnt), but I do have a few questions.

My hair is past shoulder length, medium-thick, oily on every third day that I don't shampoo (ew), and is slightly frizzy-wavy-curly near the temples. I just was wondering once I got my hair dreaded, how would I maintain it? How short will it be afterwards? And how thick I should get my dreads?

Here's a picture - pardon the photoshopping in the facial area; it was for a friend. But this is a general idea of how my hair looks like when I let it run free.

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I'll be looking through the memories for more advice, but I'd really appreciate it if you all could answer my questions. :)


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it was my nineteenth birthday on monday, and my flatmates took me out for dinner and bowling.

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my dreads are almost eleven months old, and in serious need of some maintenance. if there's anyone in aberdeen or edinburgh who would like to help me out, I would be mucho appreciative (and bake you cupcakes.)

much love xo
  • joeferg

recent photos

Dreads are about 8 years old, I cut about a foot of it off 2 years ago, so its now again at its longest length to date.

I recently worked with a photog for a project and got some of the photos back. I have some more that I have to build up the courage to post on naughty_knotty.

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sea gyspy

Attaching Dreads

Someone asked that I post pictures when I finally do this,
so here they are!

My girlfriend chopped off her hair and I had it sitting in a jar for
ages with the plan of dreading it up and adding it to my hair.
It was a bit of a bitch to get all knotted up, as the hair was slipping
and falling apart into a massive hair ball on my lap.
I braided small sections which I then braided into larger sections,
which then fell out.
I rubber banded and I palm rolled and I back combed
and I ripped and I twisted and I twisted and I ripped
when suddenly I came up with this great idea.

So I took the gnarled pile and wet it, and soaped it up,
and palm roll dried it in a towel and VOILA
something that resembled a dread.

I had some tiny little wooden skull beads so I decided to sew one on
since that's how I was planning on attaching it.
So I sewed the little bead and then I sewed the top of the dread
to the bottom of my "stub".
(My stub was a dread in the back of my head that basically ate itself
kind of like poltregeist and the house).

My girlfriend's hair is a sandy blond / light brown colour,
and my dread stump was dyed black, so there is a colour difference,
but that will be fixed some day.

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tree spell;

newbie. possibly an oopsie.

Salutations, dreaded community. I've lurked this quaint tribe of a community for over one year, browsing and rebrowsing through memories like an addict while patiently waiting for my own hair to grow out so I could begin my dreadlock journey.

I decided to make that journey today. However, after sectioning my hair, I began to backcomb the first piece and the result looked... dubious. Instead of resembling anything dread-related, the piece appeared to look like a frizzy mess. I'm well aware (thanks to the contributors of GUDU) that the beginning stages of dreadlocks vary largely due to many things like hair type, length, etc. So that is why I'm including two photos for reference so I can get further advice on if I'm headed in the right direction or if I should comb out what I have and start over.

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Everyone is so lovely and friendly on here! I just wish this was true in real life. However, I am a grown-up (allegedly) and know real life is never perfect.

There are lots of students in the area of Leeds (UK) where I live, so I see quite a few dreads pootling around. Almost always though, I smile at them and they glower back at me! I swear the girl with ickle red baby-dreads in the supermarket yesterday wanted to knife me. Come on, petal, I'm not laughing at you and smiles are free, you know! :)

Just so this isn't post only, a tired Nolly and contented Enki at his second Mortaled industrial night. Being sat on the door was fun, as was drawing on people with magic markers, but they kept buying me vodka and I was too polite to refuse. HiC.

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Breakage Issues

My 2 month old dreads are starting to fall right off of my head. The first time it happened was a few weeks ago and my very front dread fell off. I used a felting needle and re-attached it about 4 times before it finally ripped off at the root. Today a back dread fell out and now i'm starting to feel weird about it. I've tried using fake hair to felt the ends together ... .but no luck

After reading the memories i've gathered;
-I should not wear my dreads up for a while
-i should wait a while for the hair to grow until trying to re-attach
-stop root rubbing (well i've never done it anyway...)

i'm just kind of feeling a bit SOL . I know i need to be patient, but i'm just worried this is more about my hair than the dreading process in general. Help me save my babies?

PS. If anyone in Wisconsin is willing to help i'll love you

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  • gypsy88

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My tips are finally mostly rounded, I got my tattoo colored in, and I got 2 microdermals.
I enjoy my one dread that has a curly end. it makes me happy happy. I dyed some of my dreads purple with SFX wildflower, and it's subtle but rad. I'm quitting my boring insurance day job to manage a bar, and I couldn't be more excited. Once I get my computer working again I will post more wonderful pictures, because life is amazing right now and I've got photographic evidence.

stay awesome, everyone.