October 18th, 2008


converted and it feels so good.

Hello again, community. I posted yesterday regarding concerns about the efficiency of my backcombing. Since I received so many thumbs up, I decided to continue the journey into my first set of dreads. I still feel that I have quite a lot of palm rolling to accomplish and maybe even some more backcombing in the back (ha) where the pieces of my hair are much shorter. Photos of my current progress are below:

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UT Dreadheads?

Any Utah Dreadheads interested in meeting up in Salt Lake City near the end of November (Probably the 21st or 22nd)?
[info]pixi_kitten is going to be in town, and we thought it'd be fun to get some vegan pizza!
I haven't really met any of the Utah dreadheads, so I thought it'd be great to get acquainted!

Any takers?



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Maintenance, the Lish way

My dreads are alllmost 2 years, they are turning 2 next month. Exciting! Since it's almost my dread birthday and just a week after my 23rd birthday I figured it's a good idea to give myself a present: tidy up my dreads a little! I asked Lish if she has any time for it and today was the day!

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LIsh is awesome, y/y?