October 19th, 2008

I took the plunge...

After much thought, i went ahead and used henna on my hair.
i bleached my hair first, to try take out some of the old red
hair dye which was chemical.
the result isn't quite what i expected, its very bright and more
orange on top from where the bleach took the colour away.
i think i like it. what do you guys think? i have some henna
left over and i'm not sure whether to do it again or leave it
alone until i next need to do it.
it was a lot messier that chemical dye, but i didn't mind that,
it was a lot nicer to put on my hair, my scalp didn't hurt, and there
was no nasty knock-your-socks-off smell.

[EDIT] - i realise you should not use henna over chemical dyes, but a few people on here had done it themselves/ said it was okay which is why i did use the bleach. i'm quite liking the colour now.
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i like how soft my dreads feel after rinsing the henna out.
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i started a set of dreads today for an awesome friend and i'm really excited about it! my own dreads will be a year old on monday (tomorrow!) and fortunately for him i have learned so much about dreadlocks in this past year. his got a much better start than my own and i think they're going to be fabulous.

not a very flattering before picture, but there it is.

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oh, and i'll probably be posting a timeline within the next couple days. i'm quitting smoking on my dreads' birthday, so a distraction will probably be very welcomed. =)