October 20th, 2008

double exposure

Henna results

So, I posted yesterday with henna on my head and here are the results.
It went orangey on the previously bleached bits, as expected, and overall came out a nice coppery red. Well worth the hassle of washing it out and sitting around with cling film on my head for 4 hours.

dreads are 7months btw.
shun the nonbeliever!

four months! :)

Time sure is flying by with my dreadbabies.

Today I realized that I can put them up!
(well I could before, but because of that lame ass curl, it just looked ridiculous. So I suppose now it's less ridiculous and I enjoy it a bit.)

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I have scheduled some maintenence because in the back I have a few that are dreading together and I can't see where the hair should go, etc. Plus I've got NO EARTHLY idea how to properly crochet a dread. I've read the memories and tried. I just can't get it right. :(

I thinkkkkk (but I could be wrong!) that it's lauranonymous's one year dread birthday today. I could be a day early or late, but I think I'm on. ANYWAY! Have a good one!
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Today my dreads are officially one year old. =)
Technically they've been turning one sporadically over the course of this week, but the last of them were created on October 20th, 2007.
For whatever reason I also picked this day as my quit smoking date, so it's been an interesting day.

I figured since I have all of this nonsmoking time on my hands I'd post a timeline. haha

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I could post pages and pages of commentary on what my dreads mean to me and how they have affected me, but honestly I'm just not in the pensive mood, so I'll leave you with this for now.


A friend of mine just sent me some pictures that were taken in .... June I think.... June was the 7th month of my dready-existence... Thought I'd post them.  They're not very nice but they kinda show my dreads... and I get a kick out of them because it feels like about a week since they've been taken, rather than 4-5 months!

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And a not-very-detailed but up to date picture at the 10th month...

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I'm really hoping that as I near the 1 year mark that I can find some decent pictures and make my first timeline. 

Positive and loving vibes to all of you guys.  Thank you for being inspirational and lovely people :)