October 22nd, 2008

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hey everyone. i started a new memories section for "frustration", so if you recently posted something frustrating about your dreads & received a bunch of calming comments, please link me so i can add your post.

additionally, if you have anything related to say to dread newbies, go ahead & comment on this post. thx!

edit: this is NOT a thread for what you would tell a noob in general, or questions you want me to answer. this is strictly for FRUSTRATION-RELATED COMMENTS, like "relax, mine didn't look good until [x] months", "loops are normal", et cetera, not "wax is bad!" or further instances of "read the memories". please also desist in asking for my assistance on your dreads in this thread.

3 (ish) months

Weeellll I dreaded my hair at the begining of July, but I was stupid and made waaaayyy too many (90 something) so about a month later, I combined them so I now have a third of what I started with.

They don't seem to be coming along very well though...they're lumpy and loopy and just a pain in the ass! I know patience, patience, patience but you know how some days you just FEEL so gross and ugly and blah? Well that's how my hair makes me feel all the time. Bah! haha I don't like wearing them down (which isn't helping, I know and doesn't even look good either) because they're scratchy/itchy and not...full enough (I like my hair biiiiig). And because I get comments about looking like a caveman. It also doesn't help that I cut my bangs too short today. Boooooo

I don't know what to do! Would adding synthetic dreads help? (& where can I get hair to make some? Preferably not online and not expensive) Will the real ones get less lumpy over time? How MUCH time?

If not, then has anyone ever combed their dreads out? Can it go back to normal?

Okay I talk too much. Here are pictures:

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mon dos

it's been AWHILE...

they'll be three years in december.
although i'm a regular reader, i havent posted myself in probably a year due to lack of pictures recently.
i started them out with intense backcombing but have let them do their own thing since. they got pretty long, then i shaved the sides and cut them short.
the multitude of pictures are from yesterday to the sideshow bob days.
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I've been haunting these forms as I've attempted to shape my own dreads. I figure I should post and say, "Hello!"

So I just put these suckers in 2 weeks ago....

Sorry the picture isn't that great. I don't have a digital camera, just a phone and y'know how those tend to be......


I tried to do the lj cut, but it wasn't working in rich text or with html, hence only a link. Sorry about that.
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Dreads 2010

Five Month Fuzziness

Having one of those days where my head just looks fuzzy and meh, no matter what I do. (Looks like it's a day of frustration for many here on GUDU, hee!)

Tomorrow I'm finally going to dread my undercut... I have been growing this bloody thing in for like a year, it's taken forever! I fear it's still not long enough to dread up properly, but I'll backcomb it like crazy and see what happens. Wish me luck. :-)
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3ish months...

Well I started to dread my hair in July, but I only had 14 fatties so I decided to brush them out and re dread them since I wasn't happy with the result. Now because I was working a lot and had my husband doing them of me there was limited times that we could do them so all of my dreads are different ages, but I don't mind. I am loving them and hating them, but I am starting to love them more lately as they change. I have noticed in the past couple of weeks the changes they are going through and that most of them are getting thicker closer to the roots. However, my ends keep coming undone and I keep trying to knot up the ends so hopefully one of these day they will just stay put!

Anyways here is a current picture of me..

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on dying dreads

I searched the memories, but couldn't find anything on this.

Is there a suggested amount of time I should wait before dying my dreads, or should I just wait until I'm surethey're pretty tight?

Before I had dreads I changed my hair color about every 3 - 4 months and I have just been itching to lately cause I'm so used to it! haha. If there is something already like this just re-direct me and I'm reallly sorry for wasting your time :(

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henna update

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I was going to put a maroon henna over, but the colour is growing on me now its
gone a little darker, and doesn't look like i've been tango'd.
please excuse my vacant expressions, i'm tired today.
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I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of kind of pin-up dreadie hair styles. I've looked through the memories but I was wondering if anyone just had some random prom pictures, wedding pictures...whatever of up dos, down dos that look a bit vintage. For halloween I've got a little sailor outfit and I wanted to do something 50's looking for my hair, but I'm a bit intimidated since my dreads are only 5 months.
It'd be greatly appreciated! =)

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elevator hair

Today in the elevator at work (in a hospital), I bent down to get something out of my bag and when I got back up this guy was like "Uh, your hair is interesting."  He said it in such a way that I didn't know how to take it.  I guess I ended up taking it a little offensively cuz he didn't say it was "cool" or anything and wasn't smiling.  I kind of bitchy-like said, "Ya I guess I forgot to brush my hair or something." and I laughed a little..... He was like, "No, no... I mean, a lot of my friends have them." 

I stil don't know if he was just covering his ass or if I was just being a total jerkoff.  Either way, I felt kinda bad.  Whoooops!
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Koolaid, Rubber Bands, Extensions, and Short Hair

 I plan on back combing my hair on Friday. After I combed my dreads out (regretfully -- I think once a dreadhead always a dreadhead -- no matter how long you had them), I also bobbed my hair (ACK). Anyway, so I will be putting dreads in on shorter hair this time. I have looked at Lish's site, and noticed she said something about using rubberbands on someone's head because her hair was shorter. I wasn't sure if this meant just to section them off, or if they were left in (I'm assuming only to section it off, but I wanted to clarify).

A few years ago, my sister cut her long hair off, and gave me her ponytail. I figured since I will be dreading my hair short this time, that after about 4 months I could add extensions. I guess I am impatient, so I thought I could go ahead and dread up the extensions, even though I have to wait to put them in. I read on one post where someone used perm solution to dread extenstions. Is that necessary? Would it make things better?

Also, about the extensions, I'm curious about dying them. I know I probably wouldn't want to dye them right after they are freshly added to my hair (I know, I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I'm curious), but is it possible to dye a pony tail of hair? Or maybe dye them after I dread them?

And, here's a crazy question. I work with wool, and I do a great deal of koolaid dying on wool. To set the color, I microwave the wool, and it is permanantly in the wool. I'm curious if this same thing would work on human hair? I realize that with hair attached to a head, heat setting like this wouldn't be possible, but would heat setting koolaid dye onto dread extensions work (Or has anyone tried it?). I realize there are great hair colors out there, but I am just so into the koolaid dye thing that I thought it would be neat to have some koolaid dyed dreads. Opinions?

Okay, one more thing. When starting dreads on shorter hair, is there a certain size dreads that work better (ie. fattys or skinny dreads)?

Thanks for any input! :)

And, because we like pictures here -- a pic of my former baby dreads:

maroon rectangle dread/headband