October 29th, 2008

i <3 derby

Searching for someone to dread my hair..

Does anyone in the Tampa Bay, FL area do dreads(specifically St. Pete/Pinellas Co.)? I can't get the sectioning right on my own, and I can't find a salon who knows how to do it on my kind of hair without using tons of wax or braids. :(

ps: I'll also take tips on self-sectioning. I was doing great around the front but the back went to the dogs. Help?
bear suit

Almost Famous... Sorta

Hi gang.

Maybe you remember about eight weeks or so back this dude wanted to interview me for a local paper while I was having lunch at Whole Foods?

Yeah. The paper finally ran the story.

Personally, I think the guy writes like old people fuck (slow and sloppy), and they used the least appealing pic of me from the photo session for the story... but whatever. I'm in the paper.

Here's a link.

I'll c&p the story under a cut for those who do not wanna click.

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homeless? really?

Sure, my hair is unbrushable, my shoes aren't exactly new, and i have a few months of beard growth, but is that any reason to hassle me on the assumption that i'm homeless in the same parking lot where i've been taking my smoke breaks for four years? I think not.
Kroger's security guards thought so. Fu¢kers tried to tell me i couldn't stand there just now, but changed their mind when i told them i worked in the building that abuts the lot.
Of course, even if i was homeless, what's the difference? Why can't someone without a place to claim as their own smoke a cigarette while minding his own business, not begging for change, not breaking into cars, nor using the space as a restroom when its okay for someone that works in the building next door (with no affiliation to Kroger) to do exactly that?

Oh, the camera didn't make it to the gorge with us. Here's hoping for Halloween photos to share.
My locks will be 7 months old in 4 days. The maturation they've had in the last month or two has been amazing compared to the start they had.
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 my camera died and i wanted to post so bad so thought, 'i'm bored at school... what to do... i shall attempt to take a photobooth pic cz i've never used the thing before. what else are these fancy computers for?!'
i won't pester you with a ream of them, just one terrible quality photo cz i want to be active on here instead of lurking camera-less. 
my dreads are ten months-ish old.