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your prettiest pictures? [30 Oct 2008|12:15am]
Hello GuDu!

I'm preparing to approach the VP of the company I work for to ask her if dreading my hair will meet our "clean and professional" guidelines for hair. I have approval from my manager, but the VP is... conservative? She may not like the idea, and it's all her decision. I'll be dreading regardless, it's just better if she's okay with it :)

So, I ask you: can I have some pretty "professional" looking dread pics to show her? Obviously my baby dreads will be a bit messy looking, but that's not the point ;) And perhaps also some well camouflaged dreads? I'll be wearing them tied back... probably with a nice thick headband... so they may not even be very visible. But the pics will help with the persuasion :)

Thanks so much!
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long dreadlocks [30 Oct 2008|10:41am]

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

My dreads have groooooown. They've grown sooo much: they used to be above my shoulders and now the back ones fall mid-point. It's crazy! 

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And it's making me contemplate.


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Burning Man + Words of encouragement [30 Oct 2008|12:06pm]
Hello, friends. I think it is time to post some pictures from Burning Man. I didn't take any personally, but some of my friends did and my dreads ended up in the pictures. Under the cut you will find
a)Burning Man pictures
b)a few extra pictures
c)some 'points to remember' for newbs about dreadlocks

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Gender Blender '08 [30 Oct 2008|12:15pm]
I went to a friend's cross-dressing themed party in Ann Arbor last Saturday night. Anyway, I ended up talking to this 29-year-old high school teacher who was completely enamored with my hair. He was a neighbor and not even invited, he just showed up (not in costume) and he ended up telling me some goodies about his dreaded days. He said he had long hair in college and he was all stoned at a Phish concert or something and a girl behind him just started fucking with his hair and he just let it happen. She put egg yolks and peanut butter in it, and rip-n-twisted from what I gathered. Then, he told me, he had them for four years...the entire length of which, he never washed his hair!!! He said they were so stinky, he had to spray his head with febreeze before he left the house. (Uh...why not wash them?) I don't know. But, he almost fell over when I told him I wash twice a week and that I don't put anything in them and that they are about 8 months old. He didn't really believe that they didn't fall out since I washed them. I told him that greasy hair is going to be like a lubricant and stop it from knotting and he didn't believe me. Well, whatever buddy. There was a black girl with long dreads for years and years at the party too, and she came over and was agreeing with me, telling this guy that he was a little misinformed.
okay, so pics! Warning: lots of them.
This "girl" is my boyfriend wearing my clothes, and I'm wearing his. :)
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I Just Have To Tell You Guys.... [30 Oct 2008|03:25pm]
[ mood | geeked! ]

I started two dreads at the base of my neck last night using the backcombing and palm rolling method. I have had dreads before using the Knotty Boy method.
I have got to say, this way I'm doing it now, better and more noticeable results right away, it was awesome.
No pictures yet, since I don't have a camera, but I'm doing the rest tonight after I get a flea brush.
I'm sooooooooo happy to be dreaded again!!!!!!!

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Last Day of 23. [30 Oct 2008|05:40pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Tomorrow I turn 24. For the last three years I have taken a picture on the day before my birthday to document the changes in me over the years.

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There have been a lot of changes in me, physically (so exciting to see that my hair HAS grown!), obviously. There have also been a lot of changes in me emotionally.

I am more stable than I have been in years and years and I am more comfortable with who I am than ever before. They say your 20's are when you learn who you are and what you want and that is very true. Every day I learn something more about myself and I love it.

I am happy with the man I will marry. I am more accepting of myself and those around me. I see beauty in everyone and everything like I never have before. I know what I want out of my life and I'm confident enough to get it.

This year has had a lot of trials and tribulations - much more than the year before. I'm still learning how to deal, but I know in the end that things will be alright. I'm sure of it.

In short, I'm glad to be another year older and another year wiser. ♥

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♥ Love to you all. ♥
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question. [30 Oct 2008|06:04pm]
Does anyone have any tips for combining established dreads on afro-caribbean hair?
I was in the pub the other night and this bloke asked me about my hair. He had very thin dreads, looked like more than 100 of them. He said he'd had them for some time, then asked me how many I had. I told him 35 and he said he would like to combine his to make them a similar thickness.
I had no advice as I don't have any experience of working with his hair type.
He said he's considering twisting them together into groups of 3 and then tying them together with sewing cotton up to about 1.5" away from the roots to encourage them to grow together. Does this sound sensible or even like it could work?

I had a look in the memories and couldn't find anything on this particular problem.

Any help would be appreciated, so I can help him out when I see him around again.
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[30 Oct 2008|06:48pm]

Winter warmth!
I love piling them up this way :D
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[30 Oct 2008|08:14pm]
so ive been thinking about dreading my hair.
or ive had some thoughts of dreading part of it...
does anyone here have like half dread hair,
or any pictures? im just scared that im going to dread my hair and then not be able to get a job.(its already SO hard)
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[30 Oct 2008|09:35pm]
hello, i havent posted here in a while, not since i started this set of dreads almost three months ago. i figures it was time for an update. also bc i got broken up with a few days ago via txt messege and i needed a little pick me up

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hope everyone has a happy holloween
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For Fun [30 Oct 2008|09:37pm]
In my art class we were supposed to take pictures so me and a few others wandered around all period taking pictures. These are the two that I ended up in.

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The life and times of Cassie's lint factory [30 Oct 2008|10:40pm]
I joined this community about a week ago and thought it was time I shared my follicle journey. I first got synthetic dread extensions in April 2004 (god, that long ago?!). My hair is naturally fine and wavy, so prior to getting the extensions I kept my hair short, spiky, brightly-coloured and solid with product in an attempt to control it.

Sorry for the crappy photo. I don't have many old pics on my computer. Perhaps you'll forgive me when I tell you that this was my official photo as PR manager for my university's writers society ...

I kept the extensions in for about 18 months and dreaded my regrowth to match. After 18 months, my friend and I pulled the extensions out (my 'training dreads'). My hair was on its own ...

WARNING: This is a damn long entry with a damn lot of photos. Not dial-up friendly.

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Breakage Issues (Update) [30 Oct 2008|10:46pm]
Hello hello, you may remember me from this post a couple weeks ago and I got a few requests for updates, so here it goes....

-I haven't touched felting needles since I last posted
-I've consistently been loosing dreads (a total of about 5-7 now.)
-I have no dreads on the nap of my neck now
-About 50% of the dreads, at the root, are extremely thin (held on by what looks like only a few hairs)
-I've been wearing them either down, with a bandana/headband or hidden in a tam (to not try to strain the roots)
-Spraying with salt water, etc, about once a day
-Washing them once a week
-Had vivid dreams of me with long hair/short hair every night

I'm keeping my head up though, I'm starting to think it's simply stress. I have school 5 days of the week until 3, work every day except Thursday at 2 jobs, by 18th birthday is monday, my on/off (mostly on) boyfriend of 3 years is moving to Michigan (i live in WI) the day before my birthday, and I haven't been doing so hot in school/working on college aps.

So a little stressed haha.

I want to keep my babies, 99% of me is saying, "Hey, keep them, in the end they'll be long and strong and beautiful and you won't remember any of that early crap." I completely believe i would look ugly with short hair and if i ever attempted to comb them out i think i would have a lot of bald spots/they would simply snap off. I'll keep my head up, I swear.

My main questions are;

1.) Should i attempt root rubbing now to strengthen the roots... I've never done it and am hesitant to start ANYTHING
2.) If (stupid "if" questions) you were in my situation what would you do ?

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[30 Oct 2008|11:03pm]
Holy Fatties in the front!

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I look like one of those troll dolls... [30 Oct 2008|11:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So, I love my crazy hair. At this point I really don't care if it ever locs up.

I suck at self-portraits, so I'll never be a myspace beauty queen. *sigh*


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