October 31st, 2008


Bleaching at 7 Months. Terrible Idea?

Hai guyz.

So, I was just going through some pictures from the first couple months of my dreads lifetime, and I just really started missing having them black. But the reason I haven't dyed them back, is because I'm also really in lurv with dreads that look like louloucazoo 's (first pic especially), and this. And I want to be able to have some someday.

My question is, could that day be anytime soon? My dreads are coming up on 7 months in the next week, and the black dye has faded to dull brown. You can see pics in my last post.

I bleached two dreads at the 3 month mark and dyed them this weird teal color (it was supposed to be green, but the dye had been sitting for like... four years? Is that bad? It was Special Effects if that makes a difference.) Anyway, the two that I bleached sort of started to unravel and they've been lagging behind the rest of my hair since then.

So does anyone have any advice? I'd be happy with an intermediate red color, as I pulled off red hair really well for a couple years in middle school. I'm just so icked out by the current faded brown.
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I know I just posted, but !

The past few days I've been considering all sorts of changes, dreadhawk, shaving it all off, shaving half it off...whatever. Don't get me wrong, I love my hair, its just been two years and who I was then and who I am now are no longer the same person, mentally or physically. Sometimes I just want a change.
But then, I think about the process. So, if I shave a dreadhawk, knowing me the next step would be just shaving them off all together. I used to miss brushable hair, and sometimes I do miss having short hair and not getting my hair stuck all the time and how light it is on your head. I've been thinking though, that I think I equate brushable hair to hair that isn't telling its story. Every morning the story is refreshed when you brush away all the knots. You don't get to say "oh I remember when I put this bead in" or "this hair belongs to ____".
Without my dreads I would feel plain and boring. Sometimes it hurts when old women glare at me just because they don't approve of my hair or my piercings, whatever. I know I get laughed at and made fun of more than I am probably aware of (hurrah headphones!), but I know that when I meet someone, they probably won't forget me and I think that's pretty damn good.
and because I know you bitches* hate text only
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I'm not planning on cutting my hair.
*I mean this in the most loving way possible


I know its a little late but I thought I'd drop by and wish everyone a happy Halloween! 

PICTURES! Just a few from this evening.

Epic battle go...don't ask about the broom.

Innocent zombie is innocent, I swear!

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I cut my babe dreads today.
I'm so happy with how it turned out!
Timeline ahead. Kinda picture heavy.
They would be 5 months old this coming thursday.
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