November 1st, 2008

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beads & breakage

hi all! i am getting annoyed with myself because i keep accidentally pulling & breaking hair around the roots & i am getting more & more little broken hairs sticking up around the place. it makes me sad because they are getting harder but also messier. i tried pulling them back in but it wasnt working (i think my crochet hook is a bit too big) & i gave up quickly. i'm not exactly seeking advice, just wanted to bitch about it, lol.

i have also found i since getting dreads i have a bad bead obsession! i LOVE beads but have to keep telling myself 'no, u have enough already!' LOL anyone else found that??

havent got any new pics so will post when i take new ones.
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Oh hai. I've been lurking here since about a week before I started my dreads...(3 ish months ago)
SO YEAH I basically felt obligated to post. SO HERE I AM. (BTW, This comm. makes me a happy panda :3)
My dreads are pretty much bi-polar, and depending on the day people ask me if I brushed them out. I was super OCD about palmrolling and root rubbing and MOOOARRR backcombing the first few weeks I had them...and now I'm just letting them sit. And I love it tbh.
So, they're kinda wispy and odd and loopy and lumpy and there's LOTS of loose hair in the back..BUT I LOVE THEM. IF THEY'RE EVEN A "THEM".


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My head

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I've mostly been letting my hair do what it wants to do a leaving it alone. I can't see the ones in the back which makes it hard for me to do anything against them wanting to come undreaded. I swear I backcombed them with the rest but they don't look like it anymore. I looked at the calendar and this next week I will have had my dreads for 3 months. I love my dreads. They've made it easier for me to not care what other people think. I've had crazy hair before, but you wouldn't believe I get more stares at my blue dreads than I did with a bright purple mohawk. But I like standing out. Even if there are days that I wake up and no matter what I do I think my hair looks like crap. I just remind myself they're a work in progress and that my hair will do what it wants despite whatever efforts I take against it.
The point is I love my hair even if it is messy and strange. I am happy to have made it this far with my dreads and I plan on keeping them for a long time.
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I work at a library so I decided to dress up as a librarian (ha ha ha). It was quite a challenge to get my butt-length dreads up into a bun! It turned out more like a giant beehive with lots of bobby pins digging into my head lol. Actually someone commented it looked like a bird's nest. What a compliment ha.



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Mkay, so I'm definitely one of those people who gets sick of my hair looking the same way for long periods of time. So I bleached it, and added new colours, and added a few extensions with my friend's hair, I'm bored again. So, I've been debating bangs (and I'm sure if you have bangs and have posted here lately, you've gotten weird comments from me regarding them). And I feel like doing them tonight. But I suppose I also need some reassurance that I'm not going to totally hate them, because once they're there, there's not much going back until they grow out a bit. So, Y/N?

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So, yeah. HELP ME.

[EDIT] Haha too late. It is done.