November 2nd, 2008



So it was Freakfest this weekend in Madison. Totally fun, especially since I live on State St! Didn't get the best pictures of my dreads, but I thought I'd share my favorite one with you all!


I don't even know how this picture got taken, but it's amazing.
Hope you all had a great Halloween/weekend!
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Halloween was crazy fun. Friday night I saw my sister's boyfriend play in his band at a local bar. I almost tripped and fell into the band, but luckily I didn't and some poor other chic did later on!

Last night I went to a house party and took two, yes TWO tumbles down the stairs! HAAH! I was wearing ridiculously high heels. High Heels + alcohol + stairs = well, me busting my ass. Here are a few pics of me as Cat in the Hat! My hair looks very wispy and loose, but you can see the dreads in there. I am kind of enjoying how they are looking loose like that.

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hope you all had a wicked halloween, whilst pissing about on facebook i located some pictures that show my dread noodles so...

ta da,.


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went to a rather good halloween rave last night  so pics to come!
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