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[05 Nov 2008|12:40am]
hello friends :]
today has been an incredibly exciting day for me.
not only did i get to vote for the first time in my life, but i also started my second set of dreads today!
i had my last set for just over 4 months and had to comb them out after a salon fiasco.
i missed them dearly and decided to start another dread adventure.
warning: theres a bunch of pictures and i have a weird face.

my last set.Collapse )

so then i combed them out and cut my hair off in anger.
ive been waiting a few months to grow it back and decided to shave the side of my head and put in some lines. i really enjoy this haircut even though i have to trim it every few weeks.

before.Collapse )
AFTER!Collapse )

the only thing that makes me a little sad is the loss of color variation in my hair.
i have probably 5 different colors in there that have a wonderful effect in my curly brushable hair, but now i kind of just have a color fade to the tip.
its a little disappointing, but i still love them more than anything.

anyway, thanks for looking!!!
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[05 Nov 2008|12:57am]
[ mood | amused ]

I gots green loops.Collapse )
I like the color and how they look but it was hard for me to get good pictures that showed what I am talking about.
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EXCITED! [05 Nov 2008|07:55am]

I celebrated our country's healing last night by combing out my dreads with a silly grin!  Only related by the joy in my heart. These dreads were a chrysalis for me, I'm as happy coming out of them as I was going in. :)

How did y'all celebrate?

.Collapse )
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BTW... [05 Nov 2008|01:05pm]
[ mood | meh ]

i forgot to mention... my dread are a year old as of October 31...

hope to post some pics soon-ish

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Time Flies [05 Nov 2008|02:01pm]

My 10 month dreadiversary is coming in a few days.  At least I'm pretty sure!!  I'm almost certain that I got them January 7... I know it was in the first week of January anyways :) Anyhoo,  I still don't really have enough pics all together on this computer to do a decent timeline... BUT I thought I'd post what picss I do have... even if they're not that great.  There are a lot of gaps in this mini timeline, but you can still see the progression that my dreads have made. 


Swiss-Cheese of timelinesCollapse )

And here's today at 10 months

...Collapse )Love and lasting happiness to all of you.  I hope it's as sunny where you are as it is here :)
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Halloween & brand new woolies. [05 Nov 2008|02:52pm]
This is my first post here... after much time as a lurker..

I got brand new woolies in & here is a pic from halloween...

and the second one is just a back view of my hair...

hope you like them - I'm in love with themCollapse )
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hello! [05 Nov 2008|05:04pm]
my name is maya and i just discovered this community. my dreads are about 7 months old, and i love them. i have some braids working their way towards becoming dreads, as well as lots of loose, fuzzy hair. i obviously started my dreads when my hair was really short, and it's just now getting long enough to wear i can dread the back (a few inches underneath).

i'm really inspired by all of your beautiful heads!

andCollapse )
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I would really like some cheez-its [05 Nov 2008|06:40pm]
I went to the dentist and had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. It was no fun, and my mouth still hurts, but I'm glad the tooth is out :) And! I'm happy because I finally found the usb cord for my camera. So here are pics from about 5.5 months, they'll be 6 months next weekish. I was hoping they'd be done shrinking and do some growing by this time, but no such luck..Hopefully soon!

...but there's a hole in my mouthCollapse )

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Adviceee? [05 Nov 2008|10:01pm]
I have a dread that's growing apart at the root. It started growing apart within a few weeks of starting my dreads.
There are the random hairs that want to be at both parties, but it's turned into two very distinct dreads over the past 5 months or so.
I know that a lot of people around here are opposed to flipping dreads through their roots, but I was thinking about maybe giving that a whirl in hopes of convincing this dread to be one again.
OR, does anyone have any other suggestions for getting dreads to grow together? A huge part of me wants to let them do what they want to do, etc, etc. But when I think about how long I would like to have dreads, I start to think that maybe I want them to be.. not perfect, but... good?
[I've combed a few out and re-dreaded them. I would do that to this one, but it's SUCH a great dread everywhere other than its root...]
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whee, had a good day! [05 Nov 2008|10:49pm]
I've been so stressed the last couple days!  I went home last weekend with the best intentions but ended up not getting any of the work I needed to done while I was home >.<  so my two exams yesterday and exam today were so stressful, but they all ended well so it was worth the stress I guess!

annndd yesterday my little drealings turned 3 months so I was planning on a reallly quick update but when I went through and started saving pictures I went a little overboard, so here goes-- quite a few pictures!
pictures from my weekendCollapse )

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[05 Nov 2008|11:20pm]
yay dreads!Collapse )
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