November 6th, 2008

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 Hello All. I'm a newbie to this community, lj, and just this blogging shit in general. But I've been browsing your little journal for a week or so and finally decided to jump in. Thanks for having me. I'm also fairly new to the dread game, my lovelies are four months old as of this past tuesday. I've wanted dreads for a hot minute and finally decided to let my girlfriend go at it. Collectively, we easily put over 100 hours of maintenance into em (not in one sitting of course) and, yeah I freakin love em! I wish I would have gotten them sooner.... I can't wait to see what they look live in 5 years! And a shout out to PPKY not firing my ass when I walk in for my first day on the job with a brand new dreadies... we've come a long way baby!

They pretty much take care of themselves these days, just wash once a week, palmroll or play with them whenever (I find myself doing this unconsciously these days). 

If I may digress for a moment..... OBAMA !!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of America right now..... well Cali kinda f***ed up. Didn't see that coming. 

I'll now attempt to post a couple of pictures. 


Sad days. I'm trying to make the best of it. Love hurts my whole body and mind. And to make it even worse: my period started yesterday. Nice. So today i will spending my time surfing on the internet, buy some new shoes downtown, make some homework, painting, reading, eating loads of chocolat and watching Edward Scissorhands on the couch with a plaid. Relaxing.

Well about my dreads. I love them so much. Every day i love them more. Unfortunatly they're shrinking, but they've got a good structure. And now i'm going to wash them.

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maturing dreads and roots growing together

I've been looking through the memories for a solution to my problem. My dreadiez are about 4 months old and I've had rubber bands in for the majority of their life... I know, I know: rubber bands = bad bad bad... But I can't find a better alternative to keeping my dreads apart. They want to grow together to become one big lovely beever tail, and that's not what I want. I was wondering if anyone here had a better alternative for keeping roots seperate for longer periods of time, other  than the painfully tearing them apart, which I'd have to do everyday because that's how quickly they grow back together after sleeping or wearing a hat or anything. Is there any kind of alternative to damaging rubberbands to help the dreads grow into dreads instead of one big beever tail? And I've been patient and tried to let them do their thing, they're locking at the roots. I did the painful seperating thing for the first couple of months of their lives, while wet, as the memories suggested and the best solution was to leave in rubber bands for like a month at a time than retwist and rubberband them again. I did, however, use non-ripping rubberbands, although they do break easier. Any advise?

happy happy fall fall

Grabed my hat,my cheap 2.2 mega pixel camera lol,my dog che che, and went and played in the leaves. It was kinda fun.
locks will be 3 in jan. I am going to dye my hair a black cherrie color tonight. I hope it turns out good *crosses fingers*
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Not quite yet...

I do not have dreadlocks.
BUT!! I have wanted them for years. I just have a hard time growing my hair out... If I got them, I know I could handle them and have the patience to take care of them. I just know it!

My question is, how long should I wait? Should I keep my bangs? And any other general things you lovely people would like to tell me!

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I want to do it

I have always wanted dreads but I always talk myself out of it. I"ve got hella long hair but the thing is its really thick. I also have been dying my hair a darker auburn color than the natural sandy blonde I am. What would hapen to my dreads since I have died hair? Would the roots just be grown out like normal roots?

Also, I dunno what I would look like when I decided to cut them off....yikes!

I have read a lot of different sources on how to start the dreads, what would you guys recommend?

What do you think? (sorry bout the bad get the idea)

I want something like...


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 i'm seriously considering starting dreads. i've done my research, and i think it could be an amazing axperience for me..although i'm still a little confused as to how to begin. (yes, i checked the memories.) how do you think they'll look? my bangs are pinned back in this picture....