November 7th, 2008

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Two posts in one day, sheesh. But I couldn't not share this story.

He totally pooped in my hair tonight while I was cleaning his hooves. I was not impressed. Everyone else was on the floor laughing about stereotypes.

ugggh. But I still love him.

(I know I have a ridiculous face but he was cheering me up from a very bad mood and I was happy cause normally he just tells me to politely f off when I do stuff like this!)
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updated me

a couple of sets ^_^

im currently nurturing my second set of locks... ive been a part of this community for years and years but ive only posted once or twice (and i dont think ive ever posted pics of my current set)

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my dreads are now a year and a half old. they're actually to the bottom of my shoulder blades in some places
im working on getting some new pictures, but its a slow process
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