November 8th, 2008

kitty in a basket

2 years.

it's been 2 years since i last cut/combed my hair. wow time flies. this is my 2nd set which i let form on its own rather than using a comb. i don't like using the term neglect because i certainly haven't neglected my hair. there are definitely locs that i've allowed to get big and combine, but i've certainly taken care of them to a point of having a decent amount of say in the size and shape--if i palm roll a bit too much on some.

i also don't like using the term natural because it kind of has a superiority to it that i do not really dig. also, a lot of people use it and as if they are interchangeable which doesn't make sense to me. they're comb free and product free, but that doesn't make them better or more real than anyone elses.

i think about cutting my hair off a lot. ive been depressed for a really long time and sometimes i feel terrible and just want to chop off all of my hair. i also started growing my hair about so that i could pull it back or wear it down and long as part of creating a more androgynous-femme look, BUT lately i've been thinking that i could pull that off combing my hair out into a big afro like erykah badu or something. i 'unno. maybe one day i'll get the courage up to learn how to do make up and pull of a full femme persona rather than just cross dressing. either way.

sometimes my hair feels like its me holding on to being a youth even though i'm 21. i know thats still young, but i also gotta grow up sometime right? a lot of time i feel like i should cut my hair because of racism. i am a mutt. i'm a 1/4 cuban, irish, german, and swedish. as you can imagine, some of my siblings look quite different than myself and the darker skinned cuban shows in me a lot. i have family from really racist roots in alabama, and my cuban german father has assimilated to white america; i have distinct memories in my childhood of him discounting his looks and how they relate to his ethnicity.

no doubt that racism stems from self-hate and i have family that has passed that down to me. not to mention that the US is a racist society. i've been called spic for a decent portion of my life, and some of my lighter skinned family members joked about me being adopted from a black family. of course to them there is no racism in that kind of joke it is all in fun, but the snideness of it all was always hurtful so, i'm torn much of the time that growing locs are a part of me celebrating my heritage and tan skin and curly knotty hair, while at the same time falling into racist stereotypes against myself and others while trying to unlearn all the bullshit that the people i love have fed to me. =/ sometimes that seems like enough motivation for me to cut my hair off. look at me the crying racist!

anwyay, i guess its time for a time line....

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hello beautiful dread people!
i've been wanting do do some maintenance on my dreadlocks, and after some reading of the memories, i am off to buy a crocheting hook... and a felting needle...
and i am planning on playing with bleach and dye in the semi-near future. so i was wondering what should i do first? clean up my dreads, then play with colours, and then add some wool? or... how does wool react to hair dye or bleach?
and also, to people using dr bronners; i know it's a pretty strong shampoo, does it make all hair dye go away really fast?
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My Halloween post is tardy.

And not really a Halloween post.
My sister and her roommate and I went trick-or-treating with our little cousins on Halloween and we got this plastic spider ring in our loot.
I had one of them put it in my hair just for shits and giggles but I ended up liking it so it stayed there.
After a few days the ring part broke so I expected it to fall out, but it didn't...because my dread was attempting to consume it.

Unfortunately all the dreads in that general vicinity were also trying to consume it, and it was becoming quite the problem, so I had to intervene and extract it.
My friends are always amused by the fact that when I find weird shit with a circular shape my first thought is usually, can I put this in my hair?