November 9th, 2008


bleaching issue

hi, just one question for anyone who knows a lot about hair dying. my dreads were dark bluish green, then i bleached them twice in hopes of turning them blonde. they are really light now but still tinted green everywhere but the roots. what could i use to get rid of the rest of the green? a thought is to just get a box of blonde dye from the supermarket. would this cover the green or would it still show through? they're pretty thick so a problem might be the color deeper into them, i don't know. i'd like to avoid bleaching them again because the ends are already fried from all the chemicals, but i'll do it if that will actually get them completely blonde.

please and thank you...

edit: i would really like to get rid of the green because i'm starting a new job tomorrow and i don't know if they're cool with dyed hair.

edit again: okay i found a camera. the actual color is just a little bit brighter and greener than this.Collapse )

dad's wedding

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I had no idea what to do with my hair. My sister was worried it was going to stand out horribly and my dad would be angry. I wrestled it into a bun and honestly, only got one comment about my hair from my uncle. It was a fun night. I got to dress up and I got super drunk. Too bad I didn't get better pictures of my hair; they're mostly shots from afar.


i thought this was cool.

an anagram generator, i used the word dreadlock of course!

i thought these were funny: Caked Lords (hells yes!), Sacked Lord, Ladder Sock, Decal Dorks, Laced Dorks, Rads Locked, As Deck Lord, As Clerk Odd. annnnd i could go on and on ...

but i wont!

and here this, so it aint text only, because who likes text only?

its been a looong time since i've posted. they were purple and black, the color maintenance was annoying so i went back to my naturally dark hair. two years old this month. been meaning to do a time line, meh:

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werd out suckaz.
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My dreads are a smidge more than four months old, and I've thought about posting every month since they were born, but have never gotten around to it until now! I so enjoy, though, everyone's posts, different experiences, and especially pictures! :]

So far, I've washed with dishsoap, t-gel, and have finally decided my favorite is washing with Ballard Organics lemongrass soap about once a week. After washing, I separate at the roots, palmroll when damp, spray on some salt water, then pretty much leave them alone until the next week rolls around. They don't look too different in the pictures below, but they're slowly getting more firm; some feel like pinching a towel, others feel like a pencil eraser...

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dreadlocks for love

kinda like locks for love, does anyone have any dread locks they might want to send to me.
i have small ones now, but i would love to start adding random folks locks to my hair.
i dont have much to trade, but im sure i could find a hippie shirt, or some sweet beads if you want to trade, or you could just send them my way, either or, it would be nice to have random folks dreads in my hair.

thanks much

loving you guys and gals
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