November 10th, 2008

sea gyspy

More Halloween

I love bunnies
Every year I dress up as a bunny for Halloween.
I tend to do several events which allow me to do various costumes.
This year I did face painting at my friend's work place
during the trick-or-treat Saturday parade on Piedmont.
I was quite pleased how my costume turned out and
wish I had more pictures of it:

so excited

so im moving to San Francisco on the 21st. just wondering how many of you dreadies are in the bay area.

and im way excited cuz theres a shop right by my new house that sells every scent of dr bronners in liquid and bar form. and its WAAAYY cheap!

on a sad note though.... i was up in SF this weekend checking out my new house and someone broke into my car and stole my Laptop, my ipod, and my girlfriends $1500 camera. as you can imagine i am extremly sad about this. the worst thing is i am a musician and a DJ and MUSIC IS MY PASSION AND MY LIFE!!! and my laptop had over 10 years of my own personal recordings and 300gigs of muisc i use to DJ. i dont know what to do... a year ago all of my CD's were stolen so ALL of my music was on that laptop and ipod. and to top it all off a few weeks ago i was offered a job at a up and coming Drum and Bass club. but a DJ with no music isnt much good

but fuck it... life goes on. im an artist and i will find a way to create!

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iiiits picture time

here are a couple of shots from the halloween rave i went to and some shots that i absolutely LOVE that my marvellously talented bestest partner in crime ever Kay took of me.


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and now on to the pictures in which i look a complete gimp... the ones that arent of me were took by me :) though im not much of a photographer... as you will soon see :P...


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