November 11th, 2008

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Funny reason to shave head...

This post isn't about me... but what I heard at work.

There is a guy at work who had long dreads & then suddenly just shaved his head.

His reason for deciding to do is what being stuck in really bad traffic getting annoyed and declaring (whilst driving)... "I hate traffic... I'm cutting my hair"

I thought it was simply hilarious...& had to share with you!


i'm definitely strongly contemplating dreads. to the point that i know that i'm going to do it, but i don't know when. first of all, i don't think i can start them myself. i'd never be able to section well, i don't personally know anybody with dreadlocks, and i don't feel good going to a salon where they usually deal with brushable hair- i sort of go by the "if you dont love their hair/ the hair theyve done, dont let them touch yours!". the salons i know of don't do dreads, and it just doesn't sound like it'd work out too well to do it that way. i'm in edmonton, alberta, and i don't often see dreadheads here. my other worry is my hair legnth. it's layered, and about three inches at the shortest in some places, and 5 or 6 in the longer places. i don't especially want them to be sticking up straight in the air!

i'm ordering jesus plugs at 5/8". i'm majorly stoked for that.
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colour change

While I have been added stripes and streaks of various colours/shades to my hair over the past several months, it has remained primarily blonde. Though I love the blonde dearly, I was getting bored. So I dyed my whole head some weird red/orange colour! Hooray!
(Oh, and the dreads will be eleven months old at the end of the month)

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