November 12th, 2008

Bear Defeat; Without Losing Heart

Synth Dreads

I don't know if I am just idiotic, or google hates me, but do any of you fine people know where I could order synthetic dreads? I didn't know where else to post this, and didn't see anything in the memories - I know y'all grow fine true dreads, but I thought someone here might know of a decent online shop that sells synthetic dreads. I do not want dread falls.

rebellion dreads

I've been considering redreading for what seems like AGES
And seeing everyones awesome dreads here just fuels the fire...
My beau isnt into dreads whatsoever, but i went ahead and made three at the back/side of my head...Now I've got natural ones forming in that area too so my dread count is up to 7! and it works, cuz they blend...
Miss them miss them miss them
have a lovely day...maybe someday ill be able to post in this community again without feeling like the outsider!

7 month update

I can't believe that its been 7 months already. Oh my. They've grown up so much and so fast. haha
I recently noticed a problems happening with them. They've been kinda growing together almost as one big dread in the back and Everynight I have to pull them apart but it seems like its going back to how it was before during the day. This is probably caused but me not sectioning when I backcombed. Im in dire need of some work on them many loose hairs and roots. anyways ONTO the pictures!!!

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SO last night i was watching punked and the lead singer from the band P.O.D got punked. They staged some thing were he had to be quarantined (sp?) by hazmat or whatever. They sprayed him with water and everything and he was getting upset cause they were getting his locks wet. Then they were like were ganna have to cut your locks which were past his ass. He was like no man. It was a lot funnier than i make it sound. But anywho they were like well your ganna have to be quarantined for like a week then. He was like i'll do that but not cut my locks. It was funny. But then today i find this video. it made me kinda sad.
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For Your Entertainment.

So, Avy (my wife) and I were at the local WaWa (Mid-Atlantic mini-mart sorta like a classier 7-11 for all you non-Northeast Coast folks), and the woman at the counter asked me when I was gonna cut my hair. Now, I wasn't bothered by this, since I know her, and I know it's a little joke.

I told her I had no plans to cut my hair... to which she replied:
"Do you think you're gonna lose your strength or something... like Samson and Goliath?"

I just laughed, said goodbye and left. No point in asking if she was referring to the story of Samson and Delilah.

Samson and Goliath.
Jesus wept.

Sounds like a good fight, though.

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my name's Tom im 21 and am a student in Liverpool, UK. i've posted a couple of times before asking advice, but this time I come bearing pictures!

The dreads are around 18 months old now- it feels great when they start to get heavier and fall into shape on their own.
Also *shameless plug* if anyone enjoys reggae music I'm hosting a reggae radio show tonight and every Wednesday at 9pm on    (and in case you're wondering, yes, this is dread related as many of the featured artists sport locks! :-p )
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Dread Deep Cleaning.

One of my LJ friends was curious to see how I deep clean my dreadies, so I made a picture post to show her and I figured why not post it here too! :) She wanted to see what I looked like as a wet dog. XD

It's been about 8 months since I did a deep cleaning on them, so I figured it was time. I wash once a week, usually on Mondays (really whichever day I clean the bathroom), but I did it today instead.

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That was probably way more than you needed to see, but whatever!

I love you all! ♥

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so i decided today that i really wanted to try my hand at making some dread beads! however, i have no dreads of my own yet to wear them on, and since i don't know what size my dreads will end up being, i thought that you guys might be interested! i have some clay, paint and glaze sparkles, and a bunch of neat stuff, and i was thinking about making some beads for you guys that i could send out to you!

if any of you have ever had a bead in mind that you thought would look just fabulous, any colors, pictures, designs, anything! basically, then i'm interested in making some neat beads! i'm probably only going to be making 4 or 5, because of shipping costs, so pitch ideas and if anything stands out as amazing, i'll consider it!

they are durable, and should last in the shower. i have a bracelet that i haven't ever taken off that is made of the clay and glaze. i shower with it, i swim with it, and it's been on for a bit over six months.

i'm in canada, so shipping to the US might be disgusting timewise, just so you know.

the only example of anything i've made in clay that i have pictures of is my eye necklace:

i need practice, you need beads! :D
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Does this sound accurate?

Okay, so I'm always on the lookout for people with dreads, and today I saw two. One as I was leaving school, and another at Gamestop when I stopped into work. I could not believe how amazing the 2nd kid's dreads were. I had to go up to him and ask him exactly how he did them or else I knew I'd regret it. His answer surprised me. It wasn't backcombing and it wasn't technically neglect/natural.

He said that when his hair was only about a few inches long, he put a bunch of beeswax in his hands and rubbed his entire scalp in a circular motion for a long long time. Eventually he said little sections of hair clumped together and then he just let them grow. He said his dreads were now 3 years old, and they were the tightest most beautiful looking dreads i'd ever seen. The ends were a bit loose and curly but that's ok. I always thought that the natural method usually ended up giving you very unequal sized dreads. Like some huge ones and some tiny ones. But his were fairly uniform. I wish I'd gotten a photo or something.

I've seen alot of people with neglect/natural dreads and they're usually a little bit more "messy." This kid's were so clean and tight with like no stray hairs or anything. It was amazing. Has anyone here ever heard of just rubbing your head in circles with wax and then just leaving it alone? Sounds weird to me.