November 13th, 2008

a little over a week.

ive got the itchy-scratchies like crazy.
i switched to dr. bronners tea tree to help with the dandruff.
ive only washed with it twice, but it seems to be helping a little bit.
does anyone else find that it leaves a weird residue?
any other suggestions? ive checked out the memories, but didnt see much else.
ive used tgel and it didnt do anything.
i havent tried vinegar yet, but im a little weary of that approach.

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i'm sure all this is in the memories but i havent posted in here for a while so i figured i'd ask a question and add a pic along with it so everyone is happy.

so my dreads are doing well they are 9 months old and are coming along great. i continue to have problems with my roots. its always just straight hair then dreads, but i'm sure this will just always be something that goes on. but my real concern is that i have little white specks all throught my dreads. any way to just get that shit out of here. i try to avoid washing my hair because it just seems to undo my dreads a little bit. any advice on a quick way of getting these white specks out?


The sun is always shinning in my world.

I am starting to enjoy and love my little skinny dreadlings a lot more these days, I guess mostly because they are changing a great deal. For a while I was going through a rough spot in my life and was thinking about brushing them out, I guess only because they were the only thing I had control over at that moment, but I didn't! And now I am really thankful that I didn't.

So here a recent picture of them..


And some more..

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Disrespectful, wth?!?

The other day in chemistry my teacher said to me, "You need to re-do your dreads." I tried to explain to her that after about 4 years they would look like the kind of dreads she was imagining.
I went home and it lived inside my brain for a few days. Why would saying something like that be ok? For example; the same teacher had bleached hair and now her normal blond roots have grown about to her ears, but i don't go up to her and say, "You need to re-dye your hair."

Alls I'm saying is that it's not ok to go up to someone and be an ass.

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you guys have ruined me.

i was totally able to wait.
if i wanted to grow out my hair for a year,
i could have.

but now, all i can think about is starting my dreads.
i'll occasionally palm-roll my undreaded hair,
and it's freaking mind consuming.
it's eating my thoughts.

it's all because of your beautiful dreads, all of you.
and the beads i'm making.
and everything.

i'm so stoked to start mine, and i hope it's soon.

you guys are gorgeous.
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