November 14th, 2008

Q for Canadian Dreadheads!

I'm getting really annoyed with my regular dread-head shampoo.  I bought it off of the girl who did my dreads back in January.  It's a pretty big bottle, so I still have quite a bit of it left, but I don't want to use it anymore :(  It leaves a really bad residue... I don't think it's good for me, and I know there's a lot of people on here who agree because I've posted about it before.

I've been alternating between using the dread-head stuff and doing the whole baking-soda deep cleaning thing  to minimize on buildup... But i don't like doing the baking soda thing too often... it doesn't smell very good and I think it actually makes my dreads smell worse (not that they smelled horrible to begin with...), cus perhaps it brings all of the residue back to the surface?... that's my hypothesis anyways.  My dreads don't smell very good when wet, so I've also tried something Lish mentioned in the memories, where you hold your dreads under warm water and rinse them all out very well to make sure that all of the sudsies have been removed.

Anyways... I was frustrated tonight so I used some dishsoap I had lying around.  Just plain old, no-name dishsoap.  I thought it was going really well... after i washed them they had that 'squeeky clean' feeling, which isn't quite residue but I still dont' really like the feeling. 

Normally after a shower, I have to do some minor root seperating cus they get a bit tangled.  I've got the normal 1-1.5" of undreaded hair at the root, except my roots are pretty abnormally shaped for the most part so the roots are a bit wonky and unrooly.  This time though, some of my dreads were FUSED together!!  i couldn't even rip some of them apart with my hands... I actually had to get a big pair of scissors and cut them apart  >.< 

So it's safe to say I won't be using that dish soap again....

Anyways... I'm really frustrated!!!
I can't get Dr. Bronners here in Canada, that I know of...
Dishsoap sucks... (I've used it once before as well with similar, though not so drastic results)
Dreadhead shampoo leaves bad residues that are making my dreads stink.
And I don't want to use baking soda every time :s

I'm just looking for somethign that isn't as harsh as dishsoap, but doesn't leave residue.. and it has to smell nice!

Most of the shampoos that you guys mention I've never heard of before!!!
So I'm hoping some other Canadian dreadheads on here can tell me what they use, and where they buy it.

(I live in Ontario)

(and thank you for reading though all of that... !)
BW Dreads


I have been a member of this community for a while but have never posted any photos and only commented here and there so I thought I would come out and say hello. I have ten dreads for the time being and will finish the rest of my head on these guys' one year anniversary. So, hello. :)

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nearing 2 months.

my dreads are messier & curlier than ever, and sometimes they barely even look like dreads, yet somehow i love them more than ever.

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i was explaining to one of my friends how some days i love my hair, and some days i hate it. they asked why, and i said how every day when i wake up, my hair is always different from the day before. i realized that's exactly why i adore my hair, despite the bad days. every morning i look foward to looking into the mirror and seeing the progress, and it's amazing how much change developing dreads can make in just a few simple days, or even just a few hours of sleep. it's fascinating to me, and i can't imagine ever going back =)

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Soooooooo finally at 7 months it's time to do a timeline.

My hair has really thickened up in the last 2 months, partly from dying it with chemical dyes twice and going camping and roadtripping and wearing beanies. I was getting a lot of undreaded roots too, in a couple of spots there was like 2 inches or more of undreaded hair, but then I learned to do one big mass root rubbing once a week and its helped a LOT.

The progress isn't too impressive to me but that's not the point I suppose ;D

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3 months!

My dreads are 3 months today&tomorrow, haha
but they're in some serious need of some maintenance! I've had people asking me lately if they're coming out! :(
I told them they're just doin their thing, but I feel like they need some assistance.

I looked in the ultimate-dread-maintenance-post, but I didn't see anyone listed in the Central Florida area. So anyone near here willing to do maintenance let me know! I'll pay you! :)

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