November 16th, 2008

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I'm not sure when I last posted any pictures here, and just wanted to show you guys how they are doing after almost 3 years (also before I dye them again), so here are a selection of a few most recent pics.

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If you want to see older pictures of them, I've got all the entries I've posted added to my memories here.

I'll post some better pics after I dye them.
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our days have been full of sunny days in the park and eating breakfast at the beach. also santa barbara caught on fire. after the summer we had i almost feel like we're cursed to bring fire upon where ever we go. oops. my scalp has also been super itchy mostly in the front two dreads and is also really flaky. i just washed my hair with that head and shoulders stuff cuz it happened to be in the shower i was using, and it worked nicely. i havent been itchy or flaky since.
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happy dreadmas to meeee...


first and foremost, thank you for your loving words of support and understanding (via my last post). this community has been one of the only reasons my lj is still alive, but also, one of the only reasons i got, and still have, dreads.

i remember when gudu was a gang of skinny-dready wax advocates that sank anchor in the abandoned and forgotten vessel of this community in the sea of livejournal. when i joined, we were 130 or so.
after getting sick of answering noob questions every week, a few brave souls actually contacted LJ and told them our story, and eventually, were given access to become moderators and even *GASP* start a memories section.
then lishd came along and whipped our ragtag crew of disorganized pirates into a mean, lean, backcombin' machine (or r&t/natural/neglect/perm/synth/crochet machine, whathaveyou) ... and now our beloved gudu sails the open sea; no storms, no men overboard, no mutiny (anymore). around the world we tour, picking up a diverse and lively crowd of dreadies. and if i had to guess the size of the gudu ship... aye; she must be bigger that noah's ark itself. (4128!? really!?!?)

ALRIGHT enough horseshit here's the point.

i love this community and it's my 5th year dready anniversary/birthday/mas. my good friend emily was kind enough to document this day as part of her school project.

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