November 17th, 2008


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My dreads are around 13 months now and while I really love them, there are some things about them that drive me bonkers. I took out my ratty threadlock and then remembered why I put it in in the first place - I hate that bitchy dread.
I have two or three dreads that are nice and tight almost all of the way down but then somewhere near the bottom they have areas of loose hair. There is dreaded hair in between these spots and the end of the dread so I can't even rip 'n twist them, so it just bugs me. It's not locked at all in those spots so crocheting or felting wouldn't do any good.
Does anyone have a solution for this besides just wait it out? There must be something I can do, right?

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my cat loves chewing on my dreads.

i've suffered the loss of inches off of some dreads as a result.

but i love my little mutt cat regardless. the jerk.

her name is munchie for good reason.

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i have a quick question about extensions that isnt covered in the memories.

does anyone have experience with adding human hair extensions where the textures drastically differ? are there many problems associated with this?

my hair is fairly smooth and doesnt tangle and the hair i plan on making extensions out of is very thick and tangles very well. the only problem that comes to mind is that the extensions may shrink and bulk up more than my own hair, but this is based on assumption and not fact.

any suggestions would be of great help. you guys are so wonderful :]

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Mr. Kite

If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me?

 My dreads just passed the nine month mark.  Most days I cannot describe how happy I am with my hair.  I still have a ton of loose hair at the nape, which refuses to hold back combed dreads, no matter how tight I make them.  For the most part I am letting that section dread naturally, and I am enjoying the results immensely.  My dreads are also getting noticably fatter.   I put my hair in pigtails this weekend, for the first time in about two months, and I couldn't believe how thick they are.   I'm so glad I changed my mind about having a head full of skinny uniform dreads. 

My computer committed suicide recently and I bought an IMac G5 from my boyfriend's mother.  You know what that means don't you?  I am abusing my Photobooth rights, and you all get to see the results!

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in love


so, i've been seriously neglecting livejournal in the last 6 months or so, and i've just logged on and loved all of your beautiful dreads! so many people are new, but i recognize lots of you too!

this summer i drove across canada 3 times, for various reasons, and this is an album from one of those trips - tons of dread pictures.

sorry for the facebook link... is that even allowed??
in love

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i forgot to mention, i've just moved to calgary, alberta... are any of you from here? need a new friend? have you been here and know of cool things to do? i am sorely in need of a life.