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4am [18 Nov 2008|04:00am]
I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger ...Collapse )

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Comparison Shot [18 Nov 2008|08:14am]
After I posted last night I started to wonder just how much my dreads have grown. So I found a picture from when my dreads were three weeks old. The difference is amazing!!


And Then....Collapse )

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[18 Nov 2008|08:34am]
i so desperately want to make my hair into dreadlocks.  and i have for almost 10 years, since i saw my dad with dreadlocks when he came home from new year's 2000 .. he went to the three-day phish festival on this native american reservation on florida.  i remember he had his hair in a ponytail, he's always had really long hair, and i loved playing with it as a kid.  so i stood behind him while he was sitting at the table, as usual, and touched his hair, and it was dreads!  i was amazed.  ever since then, i've pretty much wanted dreadlocks.

but.. my boyfriend thinks dreads are gross, my mom would probably kill me, and my dad tries to tell me everything i want to do to myself "doesn't look good on girls".  also, my hair is sort of short, and it's really fine and straight, and i know absolutely nothing about dreads except that you can do it without all those gross waxes/products.. right? 

i've always loved the look of dreads on people, and it's always been something i've wanted to do to my hair.  so basically, i think all of you are very beautiful people, and i love all of your hair!

sorry for this noobish post.
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I`ve knit a hat ^^ [18 Nov 2008|10:49am]
hallo, Ville Valo! ^^

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[18 Nov 2008|11:55am]
my birthday is friday. email me for my address & send cookies/presents/burned offerings kthx.

now for your viewing pleasure, double ponytails. :D

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the plugs in my lobes are these, & here's a link to my one year pics for those who missed it. :D enjoy.

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Photoshoot! [18 Nov 2008|04:33pm]
I'm a total rockstar...

4 picsCollapse )

I'll probably post more once I get the CD of pics from the photographer =)
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Future Dreadie? [18 Nov 2008|08:58pm]
Hello everyone!
I'm a lurker, and not even a dreadie.
I know, gasp!
Well, I've been interested in getting dreadlocks. Really interested. I've been stalking this community and a few others since about June.
I was just wondering, how difficult is it to comb out dreads?
My mom has agreed to let me get them, but I'd have to take them out before my graduation, which is the first weekend in June...
If I do do dreads, how long should I leave them in if that is my deadline?
And how easy is it to comb them out?
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[18 Nov 2008|11:13pm]
So what does a girl do when her Gramma send her a webcam in the mail and is bored? She takes some pictures... YUP!


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