November 23rd, 2008


I thought this was cute, and it does have something to do with my 7 1/2ish month dreads:

Yesterday, I was belt shopping, and one of the guys who worked at the store asks me, "Do you have dreads in your hair?"

Distractedly, I said, "Yeah," and went back to selecting a belt.

As I went to pay for it, he was like "Are you a musician?"

I jokingly replied "In my mind I am," and smiled.

He comes back with, "I just figured because of your piercings and hair and everything, you don't work in a regular office job. You seem really creative."

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Dreads 2010

Undercut success!

About a week ago I finally dreaded my undercut, which I've been growing in for almost a year. I did tight backcombing, then a little rip & twist on the ends to push the knots up, then another round of backcombing.

I originally made three dreads, but they're stubborn and basically re-sectioned themselves when I wasn't looking, so now I have five.

Here's how they looked after the first wash & dry (I managed to hold out for an entire week):

Still some loose bits flying around, but they're knotting up better than I expected. Yay! I figured they would be looser since my regular dreads are always brushing against them. I'm going to do some more backcombing now and then leave them alone for another few days.

(The rest of my dreads are at 6 months... you can't really see them in the messy updo, but they're coming along great (albeit a bit fuzzy) and I'm really happy with them.)
Liquor Park

Inaugural, intruductory self post...

Though it seems this community was informed of my baby dreads in this post, I figured I should actually join and say hi.

So, hi.

I decided to go the dreadhawk route after meeting gorthok about a year and a half ago and finding that dreads don't have to be huge, unkempt, smelly messes (something that, unfortunately, many locals still have to learn). Through gorthok I met lishd, who furthered interest in and learning about dreads.

So, regrew my hawk, had it look awesome for 3-6 months, and then like ass for 6-8 months until I was drug kicking and screaming out of my procrastination by Lish and my wife, and that leads to the pictures that can be found here, as previously stated. I've no new pictures at this point, but I should be getting some taken/uploaded by next week (hopefully), and I'll be happy to post them here.

The babies have tightened very nicely this past week. I kinda miss the liberty-dread effect of the first two days, but I'm loving how they're looking now, too.

To follow community protocol, here's my second favorite picture from the set, as Lish already posted my first:

Sideshow Bob's cousin...

cosy dreadies

It's such a lovely sunday. It is snowing. For the first time in years: it is snowing in novembre! I'm happy. It cosy in the warmth of the house. And i'm enjoying my tea. I adore my dreads. Although they're shrinking very hard. Every day i realise they're getting shorter. But the structure is getting better every time. Collapse )

raccoon stripes please

Am going to add some raccoon-style stripes to my dreads, but wondered if perhaps some of you who have done this to your own locks might be kind enough to post some pics up of your hair, so that I may have a little collection of inspiration before I begin?

Thanks all!

it's snowing! help!

So- I'm only asking because this because it does NOT seem like a normal amount of dandruff.
I've always had eczema, rarely on my scalp (maybe twice in my life), but now everytime I rub my head it's like a damn blizzard!!
This all started when I backcombed the shit out of my hair (not that good of a job, however) but about 6 of my dreads kept up while the rest fell out.
I am thinking I should wait until this passes before doing the rest, is there anything I can do to help my poor scalp?
And do any of you have eczema? Was this a bad idea?

two year time line.

time line.

i've never done one of these, this is my second set of dreads and they are two years old as of this month. this is a large collection, so beware before viewing! (they aren't huge or anything, just lots of pictures)

this set has been kind of weird for me. i'm not nearly as attached as i was to my first set. my first set also had tons of crap in them, wire, strings, glued in odds and ends, and ... dreaded wax! which i quit using shortly after.

this set has been really clean. no wax, nothing but hair, no beads or doo-dads. i back combed them once and let them go. i love them dearly. they've been feeling longer and longer here lately. sleeping on them has suddenly become really awkward, i have to bundle them up and set them on top of my head. i cant imagine what that is like for those of you with longer locks!

these days, i'm referred to as the "hippy" at work, which is really bothersome because i AM NOT. as a matter of fact the other day at work, i stepped out for a quick break (i work in a kitchen) and a friendly co-worker wrote, in HOT FUDGE mined you, "BITCH ASS HIPPY!" all over my station. not cool. i then proceeded to seek revenge by placing a spoon in a 500 degree oven for about 5 minutes and dropping it into his pocket when he wasn't looking. that'll teach 'em. he then made threats to burn off my hair. whatever, says i!

(lot of pictures, i warn.)
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OK, well, I know that the general public believes that people with dreads never wash our hair. And I know that dreadies hate this stereotype, and many claim to wash daily. But personally, I've noticed that the more I wash, the looser my hair gets and less dready. So I do have to go longer than I'd like without washing it, and then I get dandruff and an itchy scalp.

Does anyone have any advice on how to keep my hair from undreading itself after washings? I know not to use regular shampoo and all that. But it just seems that even if I walk through a parking lot or something when it's raining, I lose all the progress that I've made on my hair in the last six months! The ends of the locks get all smooth and loose and ... well, not dreaded! So is it a matter of like ... I have to blowdry and then back-comb like hell all over again every time I wash? I'm lazy, so I hope not, but I'm thinking that's the answer.

Any tips, please?

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So my boyfriend used up all our batteries for our digital camera :/
I wanted to take some pictures of my hair tho, so I had to use my webcam. You can't see the pretty blue but you can see the size and length. I think they're getting shorter and thinner/tighter. It makes me happy. Some ends are getting rounded too. :D
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ive been thinking about getting dreads for a while now,
my hair is currently about an inch above my shoulder, would you suggest letting it grow before i start the process or just go for it now?