November 25th, 2008


all tied up in knots.

I really don't know how my friends achieved this look, but I can say that it was not fun to undo.

As a side note, I went to a craft fair this weekend and I picked up two bars of yummy vegan soaps for washing my hair. Dr B's has been majorly drying out my scalp so I recently switched to using a coconut castile soap. When I got this new craft fair soap I checked the ingredients and made sure they were all natural, nothing that would leave weird residues (I skipped on the one that contained oatmeal!), but after I bought them I freaked out when I considered the fact that they are made with an olive oil base. I figured olive oil would surely act as a conditioning agent on my dreads and all hell would break loose. Now after reading more information about what "castile soap" means I realize that this is probably what I've been using and didn't even know it (duh!).
I feel my dreads are established enough that I can just give it a try and if it doesn't go well then I'll just have some extra soap, but I was just wondering about others' experiences with castile soap or more specifically, soap with an olive oil base.
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I installed some synth dreads for my friend, and since there were some leftovers I just braided them into my dreads and secured them with some elastics. took all of 15 minutes; they're long, they clash, and they look super cool.

i'm having alot of trouble with dryness. I'm deep conditioning alot, not washing alot, and babying them; I"m very very scared of breakage. We have a very harsh winter here, north of the 60th paralell. My skin is dry and giving me problems too, which I never encounter down south. I've made an appointment next week with a salon to get a protein treatment done. I hope that makes them stop being crunchy. I just want my dreads to be happy.

But other then that, I'm finally in a place I want to be; Life is amazing!

and for all of you who are festival goers...
I'm planning a big shambhala/burning man roadtrip, if any of you are interested.

The Charles

My lil dreadlings...

Turned 6 months today!
No pictures right now because I happened to lose my camera. -_-
I'm just proud and excited to make it this far with them. I'm looking forward to the next 6 months of their little knotty lifes.
I'll probably get you all some pictures in December once I get my tattoo. =D

Have a good Tuesday, and hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving.

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Red hair, and an experiment about music!

I don't post often on here at all, apparently - looking back through my journal, the last time I posted was in a timeline in April, here. Whoops.

Anyway, they're now 2 years and 3 months old. I dyed them red a couple of days ago, and I'm so pleased with it that I want to share with you all! :D

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I'm really, really pleased with it! It's slightly darker and slightly more purpley-tinged than in the photo (that was taken after dark with an over-enthusiastic flash on my camera, hehe), and the bits nearer the roots don't have the 'faded' look that the photo has. But I like it! It's also surprising how many compliments I've gotten from it , from people who I know have always been a bit... less than keen on my dreads, to phrase it best. It's only semi-permanent (because I always tend to change my mind on dyed colours after a while so I'd rather let it wash out than have to dye over it), but I think I'll be redoing this one a lot. It's by Directions, if anyone's interested - they're a british make of dye, it all comes ready-to-go in little pots so you don't have to mix smelly chemicals up. Hooray!

Also, on a little end note, I'm doing a study for university at the moment - I'm looking at the physical effects that some people get when listening to particular songs (like goosebumps, or all the hairs on your arms standing up). I'm doing it as an online survey, and if anyone's interested or fancies taking part, it would be hugely appreciated! There's a load of information about it on my journal, here. Hope it's alright to post about it here, I don't want to sound too cheeky!

Hi, new here :)

I just wanted to join in and say hello. I recently found the feed and am looking forward to getting some new ideas. My locks are almost a year old - did them last year Dec. and I still love them. They are quite knotty... I'll post more pics later when I can.
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waNDering dreadies.

The boy and took a trip to see the cousin and his family in washington last week for his 21st birthday. Much asserey ensued; as did alot of freaken wandering. I got some dready images to shares too ;x

We went out to dinner at the Taphouse; nice place. Not alot of drinking tho. Saw a few dreadies out there was fun ^_^ Liked the city, the state. Planning on moving out there now; it's our goal now =) Beats California any day ><

and.. heres some pictures. Hope this shit worked >:

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My dreads just turned 7 months old yesterday,
today we got hit with crappy weather and they canceled classes (they hardly ever do that!)
so I thought I would bombard you guys with a timeline... ;o)
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Sometimes they're messy, sometimes they're neat.
Sometimes I braid them, and dress them in pretty beads.
Some days I like them, most days I want MORE of them.

I think I'm almost (physically) ready to go all out. But I'm not so sure I can dread my whole head yet. My life is getting more hectic by the day and I want to wait until things settle down a bit.
Sorry for the mass amount of pictures, I just couldn't help it!
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Wowee, it's been a long time! I don't know how many people are still in the community from when I used to be more active, but hi! I've been dreaded for a little under three years and three months. There's not really a point in posting monthly like I used to do, because my dreads aren't really changing noticeably month to month anymore. They are growing like CRAZY though. Now I'm dreaming of the time when I'll have dreads down my back.

This is how I started out, Collapse )

And these are my babies now:

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In closing, it's really weird to be back here with a mature set of dreads. I don't think I ever expected to have them for so long, but I honestly couldn't let them go at this point. I love my dreads :)

Thanks for looking!
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hola dread amigos.

Just wondering, does anyone live NEAR London, that would like to do some maintenance on my dreads? Please. They are coming up to like 7 months, and are a bit lumpy, loose hairs. general things.
Also when i started, i was a little lazy and like a lot of the top/back is undreaded.. :S so if you've got the time/skills, I wouldn't mind some help with that also?

and here is a picture cos no pictures = no fun, and also i dyed half of them blonde...

theres some more on my journal?

ps. i would feed you gorgeous portuguese food.. and pay you.
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its me again, thanks to everyone who replied to the post i made before, i was thinking about doing a few dreads in my hair and see how that goes. would that work without looking rediculous? if anyone has any pictures of anything like that it would be perfect as ive scoured everywhere and cant find any.

thanks :D

Biotin Experiment - Update

Hey there gudu-ers!  :)

So, I posted the Biotin Experiment idea about a month ago.  I think it was more like a month and a week ago.  So sorry for the slackage.  I just finished my first bottle of biotin containing 150 pills of 1000 mcgs each.  Sooo, I averaged about 3 or 4 pills a day for a bit over a month, therefore 3000 to 4000 mcgs a day. 

I have to say that at first I thought I noticed my hair growing and then realized I was probably just seeing what I wanted to and experiencing somewhat of a placebo effect, perhaps.  I mean, like after the first three days there could be no way I could tell, right?   Time passed on and I steadily took my vitamins, sometimes using a B-Complex for some extra power hahaah.  It just kind of became a habit, though I did miss days here or there.

Now that over a month has passed I KNOW there is a difference.  I know this because I was sitting watching tv the other day with my hair down and my stepmom said "Wow, your dreads have gotten a lot longer."  WOOHOO.  They are still short but I am convinced the vitamins helped.  It seemed they grew at a faster rate this month.  My ponytail seems much fatter too. 

Maybe my dreads would have naturally progressed at this rate anyway, who knows.  Maybe I am crazy.  But I am happy!

Anyone else notice or not notice any changes this month while taking Biotin?

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1 month!

so my dreads turned one month yesterday! i really can't believe it's been a whole month already. but i am quite happy with how they are turning out.

also, it happened to be my birthday yesterday. hooray for not being a teenager anymore! haha

AND. i got my first random stranger dread compliment. it was an older guy, probably in his 40's. and i think he was drunk. but he said "i was just telling my buddies that i don't usually like dreads, but yours look so good on you! i love the ends and everything. they really suit you." and so on and so forth. it really made my day :]

and now some Collapse )

have a wonderful week! :]
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Hello everyone! I know I made an entry recently... but I'm about to make another! SO BOOYAH! Had a menudo/beer party at my house on sunday and got a few pics. I actually took like almost 80 pictures (yea my drunk ass went a little picture happy) but I'll only show you a few...


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