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hi [27 Nov 2008|02:31am]
side by flipped side of my almost 4 yr old dreads. like many people say it's difficult to get a good one of the back of your head. i had to use auction mode and a timer. dang! happy holiday to people celebratin. if not, have a good day off work :)

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Cuffs [27 Nov 2008|09:40am]
I'm looking for some cute dread cuffs but am having trouble. im in melbourne, aust.
At the moment I have some random beads found in my jewellery box at home!

Anyone know of any online sites (pref in aust) with a cute selection?
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x1 [27 Nov 2008|03:27pm]
[ mood | high ]

just for now.

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[27 Nov 2008|05:26pm]
Hey, is there anyone in the Wisconsin area that would be willing to start a set of dreads on my thirteen year old brother? He's got shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and I'll pay big time :]
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