November 28th, 2008

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Lately I've been working on combing out a few dreads that were particularly impacted by being flipped through themselves. I've pretty much been redreading them right away, but completely spaced on grabbing my metal comb before leaving school to come home for the holiday weekend.
So now the hair that frames my face is undreaded and for some really odd reason, curly! Not spirals, but my hair was always dumb and slightly straight, and now it has a definite curl to it. I've noticed this with other dreads I've taken out and re-done, but having this curl directly framing my face is very noticeable and sort of nice.
I don't know what to do now. Do I redread this hair? I really, really like the way it looks. It makes me miss having "normal" hair. My hair has only been dreaded for six months, so it wouldn't be so hard to comb out. But also, it's only been six months. I know they're going to change and grow and harden and mature so much over the coming months. I didn't set out to have them for a set amount of time; dreading my hair was a very spontaneous decision, and sort of poorly thought through. I love them beyond words for so many reasons.
For a while I was really, really assigning meaning to them, and they became an amplification of the patience I had to have with myself. Now a days my act is pretty cleaned up, I'm more together than I've been in ages. I am not my hair, or so I like to tell myself.
Okay. Sorry. This is sort of just musings that were probably induced by too many episodes of House.
Hope you're all having a nice evening.

Purple dreads

I've had to take my dreads out in September to go on stage. I really didn't want to as they were just about a year old. BUt I had to to keep the leading role. So I did. Yes, I COMBED out year old dreads. 9 1/2 hours of detangler and a comb/brush. Anyway, I've decided I want my dreads back, but I also promised a lot of people I'd go deep purple. So my question is can I dye it first then dread it? Will is make a diffrience? Thanks.

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Thanksgiving was a nice idea... but i'm not a fan of the turkey. long live stuffing! hope everybody enjoyed it.

i took some pics at a sculpture park in nj, called grounds for sculpture. i also included a pic of a dread i have thats holding on by a few hairs. I have a few dreads like this.. besides joining it with another dread, is there anything i could do? esh.. i guess not. i have some weird dreads, some are huge and tight, others are still soft and not as tight, some are so skinny its like a string. so ya.. no continuity with the sizes or textures

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