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[30 Nov 2008|12:22pm]

Thats how long the extensions are. Since I love love LOVE the feeling of the long dreads, I've ordered some custom made for myself off of Etsy.com (my god, I love that site. i've had all my christmas presents custom made on there. its amazing.) so that I can just put them in whenever I feel like them with no hassle. I just had them made in a darker brown; the ones I have now, thought the camera doesn't pick it up, are a blonde, a burgundy and a somewhere in between.

P.S: That's my bar that I manage in the background and that's my drunk best friend beside me!

Sat Nam!

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[30 Nov 2008|04:43pm]
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ey up. mine and a plethora of other lovelies dreads... [30 Nov 2008|07:21pm]
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bonjourno beautifuls.

i believe its picture time yes?


with a flash of the ankle, snarl of the lip, i see you walking in the street and gasp! (plenty of pictures, tata for now)Collapse )




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The first washing [30 Nov 2008|10:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

For fear of them falling completely apart, i held out an amazing 2 and a half weeks before washing my poor shorties for the first time. Bought a seemingly all-organic tea tree and peppermint shampoo and everything. Getting out of the shower this morning I knew i'd completely destroyed the work i had been putting in for the last 17 days or so....

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