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Nothing bad. [01 Dec 2008|11:12am]
Hey gang.

I don't have an "obnoxious asshole at Whole Foods" story for you guys. I don't have an "almost cut my hair" story, either.

Things are basically pretty good, but I wanted to check in and say hi.

So, hi.

My son, my wife and I are happy.
That's about it.

Here's me and The Smallest Of Bears (aka The SOB.)

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sights and smells [01 Dec 2008|02:21pm]
I purchased myself some of Kate's Magik anointing oils and one day decided to rub some into my hair.
The scent lasted for several days (I think I maybe put it in once a week? whenever I feel like it, really) and I haven't noticed build-up of any kind,
and my hair isn't all oily and gross. It actually has been looking, feeling and smelling great. So I recommend this item.
I wouldn't use too much - I just pour a small bit in my hands and run it through.
The scents are all very natural earthy scents - so if that's what you like
then you should use their other products too.

Anyway -
I'm not in a talkative mood today so pictures.
2 behind the cut - one possibly not safe for work.
What's the deal on posting nudes here?
Are they okay to put behind a cut?

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9 months old today :D [01 Dec 2008|03:07pm]
So I thought I'd finally stop lurking and post some pictures
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.Exhaustion. [01 Dec 2008|03:36pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, i finished backcombing last night and went to bed to get zero sleep!

My roots are killing me and my headache has not gone away since i started. Did I backcomb too hard? Should i loosen up the roots a bit? Is my head going to fall off? When will the pain end?! D:

(Other than that, i think my dreads came out pretty good. Will post pictures soon! :) )

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Hi I'm new! [01 Dec 2008|05:48pm]
To this community that is.. so i figure i'd introduce myself and post some pics..

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HELP (11months) [01 Dec 2008|11:59pm]
i do have monthly pictures uploaded..
but i need some serious help on some skin issues caused from my dreadlings.
the below picture might explain a bit:

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