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soon to be....dreaded :) [04 Dec 2008|09:42am]
[ mood | chipper ]

hey everyone ♥ !

i've been a member of this community for years now, just no dreads. but i do absolutely LOVE checking in here on you guys and not only seeing progress pics ( awe! ) & drooling over how beautiful all of you lovely people are in here! i am finally taking the plunge and getting my dreads after finals ( last final the 16th!! ) i simply haven't had the time with working over 40 hours a week plus full time school. i've also been growing my hair out since the beginning of the year in anticipation of this :) my hair is past my shoulders and extremely wavy. i have a picture behind the cut and it's generally how my hair looks all the time.

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They live! [04 Dec 2008|01:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

My head of dreads are done! I spent ALL day yesterday doing them. 3 1/2 hours to be exact with only a few short breaks for the bathroom and food. I just watched TV and movies all day with my little sister. I did the all by myself. I'm very proud of them and can't wait for them to grow and live. I names the first two Murry and Inky. :)they're long dreads this time hitting just below my shulders. Photos to come soon!

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Show me your dread beard, GUDU. [04 Dec 2008|01:32pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

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Don't use LUSH henna on dreads [04 Dec 2008|02:42pm]
Seriously guys, the henna blocks from LUSH will give you grief if you use them on dreads.
A little story follows:
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TL;DR - Henna with cocoa butter mixed into it will get stuck in your dreads and attract filth.

NOTE: This is in no way meant as a disparagement of LUSH products, as I use and love many of their products, and I swear by their skincare range. In particular the solid shampoos work great on dreads. I just think the henna with cocoa butter is way, way better for brushable hair than for dreads.

And now for some pictures of my sparkly clean hair. It's wet in these photos, hence the unruly messiness.
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shiver in discomfort no longer, gudu! [04 Dec 2008|02:58pm]
[ mood | cap-happy ]

No scarf?

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inspirational prompt to dig up these pics for gudu purposes by the lovely avenray!

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What to call my head... [04 Dec 2008|05:23pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

I was wondering what everyone here thinks about the use of the word dreadlocks to describe ones hair if you are not of the Rasta followings? I'm doing a bit of cultural appropriations cleansing and want to hear some opinions. I'm am not at all saying that any person having this hair style is committing cultural appropriation as I fully believe that matted hair is the most natural and pure hair style there is. What I am asking is the use of the word dreadlocks as it was created by Rastas for a specific purpose. Everything I have found shows that the Rasta people created this word (not the hair style) and that it is important to them as a people. Is it right then for other non-Rastas to use this term? Would it be more respectful of people and supportive of people with mattes to call them by other terms such as "mattes", "cords" (haha, like the puli dogs), love locks (which is sorta hippie but since they can be such a labor or love it makes sense) or simply locks? Is there anything else you all call them? Do any of you agree and already call them by a different term? Does anyone strongly disagree. It has been difficult for me to stop using the term dreadlocks since it is in such common use. I'd love to hear your opinions.

And here are some photos to lighten the mood. The middle one on the left has a decent shot of my hair.

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Photos [04 Dec 2008|06:31pm]
Yay me and my new set of dreads! Murry (yellow) on the left and Inky (orange) on the right. I decided to do thinner dreads this time around

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Long time, no see... [04 Dec 2008|07:30pm]
I'm rubbish. Many moons ago, I lost my camera charger and therefore have had no way to take pictures of my little dreadlocks. However, it only occured to me today, about half a year since my last post, that I have tons of photos taken by my friends that I could put up here.

So here are some from the past seven months, in no particular order...Collapse )
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Exactitudes [04 Dec 2008|07:44pm]
I stumbled across this photography project that was really cool: Exactitiudes

You can find out more about it here: About

and they had ... Dreads!

i seriously hope i'm not the only one who can find the hilarity in these.
(there's another dread head in this one)
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newbie!! [04 Dec 2008|08:50pm]
i've been creepin on this community for a couple months now and decided its time to post.
i started my dreads in june...so that makes them about 6 months. jeeez it seems like so much longer.

sorry if this is messed up..i have no idea how to use live journal...maybe i should learn!

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[04 Dec 2008|10:48pm]
i have a question. i started my dreads only about a month ago, and we used wax, and i want to get the wax out so that my dreads will mature naturally, without the waxy crap in it. and if i've read the memories correctly, a deep clean should help me get the wax out. so my question is, is it too soon to do a deep clean? might this cause some of my dreads to come out?

and i've been cam-whoring it up lately

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new to the comminuty so i just thought id introduce myself.. [04 Dec 2008|11:09pm]
well for starters im aaron i live in milwaukee, wi and just started my just bout little over 3 months now i love them just wished they were little bit thicker but im combineing a few together to make them little bigger i cant wait for them to be completly locked well heres a few pics...

when they were brand new :)
brand new

3 months

3 months
sorry dont have many pics will get more soon.
also confused on what to do with roots?!?!? alot of them have about a inch or so of straight hair at the roots and rubbing doesnt seem to be doing it so will they jsut lock up on their own?

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