December 6th, 2008

me painted

Dreadies in the news

It was dreadie versus dreadie at a college football game!

One player with dreads drags another down by his.

You know, if it was an undreaded player who did that, I might shrug it off as ignorance or just not thinking in the heat of the moment. The guy who did it had dreads too though, which somehow just makes it seem more malicious to me.

In other (not national) news, I'm giving my hair a fresh coat of dye. It's interesting, since my hair is forming up knots and the dye is getting sucked in a bit more. I bought some hair dye from a local shop and it's really liquid, like water. The lady said it'd be good for knotty hair since it's so liquidy. Unfortunately, it was a discontinued brand on clearance and I just used the last of it. *cry*
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When I started my dreads my sections were mostly square verging on oblong.

Upon sewing in some loose fuzz at the back of my head I noticed most of my sections are now OVAL. I can only guess this is because i rip them apart so much (even now its during each shower) and sew in the remnants monthly - creating a happy shift of hair over time.

Proof square sections don't work.
Proof time corrects most things in our dreadlocks early days.


sharing time.

i miss GUDU! mine are almost 5 months now. actually, in about 9 days. yey.i havent touched them since my last post. all of em are webcam shots. excuse the quality pleaaaaaseee. i notice some at the back beginning to dread by itself. im thrilled! i really hope not to have to depend on the crochet hook anymore.

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