December 7th, 2008

a question

sorry if this is in the memories but?

I've  seen some bloody gorgeous dreads lately with wispy curly ends.

I would really quite like it if my dreads did this but mine have had rounded tips for ages and they are fairly locked up.  if i unravelled them abit would i be able to curl the ends? most of the time if i comb out any part of them, the combed out hair stays poofy and frizzy if i conditioned them could they be okay for curling? or would it be possible to add in some hair to  the bottom to make them longer and have curly ends?

aaand cuz nobody like a picture less post:


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A quick question on Deep Cleaning:

How old should one's dreads be before one uses the one of the deep cleaning recipes from the memories? Does it matter?

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating the repeal of the 18th amendment, and while it was truly wonderful to see all of my friends out and about, most of them smoke and having recently quit myself, the eau de ashtray that is my noggin right now... not so hot. I'm actually glad my allergies are acting up and I can't smell much.

So, I'm going to try my usual shampoo regimen once more and see if that will at least diminish the smell enough that it will wear off eventually, but if that doesn't work are 3 week old knotties too young for a deep cleaning?

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first post! and soon to be first time dreadhead!

so I am about to begin the process of dreading my hair. i got some knotty boy wax to help with my hair because it's really pretty short. Some places I won't yet be able to dread probably, but it should be ok. I currently have deep purple sfx color in my hair, after bleaching. when that's all done I will be dreading!
The only thing I am super super bummed out about is that I also trimmed my bangs wayyy too short. Like I botched them so badly that the like shaved...and looks ridiculous. I am not sure what to do about that...I guess it will grow, and I am keeping that part undreaded (Not like I'd be able to anyways) :( I am going to edit this post with a before and progress pictures and such probably.