December 8th, 2008


long time lurker

Hello all,

I've been keeping up with this community for a while now, and figured I should say hi already!
These actually aren't very current photos, but my dreads are about 2 yrs. old at this point, hennaed. These are my second set.
freshly dyed.
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Deep Clean

My dreads are 25 months old. They've been bleached, dyed twice(all about a year in), hennaed once with powder(which did nothing because the instructions said nothing about hot water or letting it seep and we're dumb), and were waxed occasionally for the first maybe 8 months. I figured there was some pretty nasty stuff hiding within, but they don't smell.
I tried deep cleaning my dreads-shit load of baking soda(almost a whole box, opps), a bit of apple cider vinegar, warm water, lemon juice, a bit of lime juice, salt, and tea tree oil...I loved watching it fizz! I mixed it together, then dunked my dreads a bunch, poured the rest over my head, and let it sit in a plastic bag for 45 minutes. Besides the mixture smelling horrendous(and believe me, I've smelled a lot of nasty shit), nothing happened. My dreads don't really feel tighter(but they were already pretty darn tight), the water ran a tad yellow but I think that was just the ACV...I washed with my normal diluted Dr. Bonners afterwards and they felt a big coarser/"sticky"(like, hard to get my hands through my hair(i have an undreaded front)) ans squeezed the crap out of them both in and out of the shower. Granted, they are still wet and I haven't really looked at them yet, but I was expecting 2 years of gunk to come flowing out!
Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is I accidentally knocked my new piercing out of my nose when I was getting ready to start dunking( I keep forgetting to NOT touch my other nose piercing which is right next to it, but it's a huge habit of mine and hard to break!) so I had to fumble with that to get it back in, so I didn't use the mixture right away. But other than that...

And since no one likes text only...
a friend creepered my dreads at a party recently.

AND ALSO! Next month my friend and I are dreading my older brothers hair, he's been washing for months with my shampoo and his hair is sooo curly, I'm incredibly excited, and plus I know so much more about them than when I started mine, his are going to be incredible. So excited!! He was toying with the idea of wax, but i told him i will not dread his hair if he even so much as mentions the word, and am going to try and find straight up aloe for him for xmas so he can slick them down if he wants that look.
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Hookay, getting nervous now.

I posted a little while ago to ask opinions about dreading at shoulder-length versus one more year's growth. Consensus was "start earlier, knot sooner, look better faster." Okay, so I'm dreading after Xmas.

I've been a member here for a ~yearish. I've gained a great deal of wisdom in that time, enough that I've occasionally been applauded for my advice to some of the newbies who've come here asking for advice. Still, I'm nervous enough to make my palms sweat.

Been scouring the memories looking for pointers:
I'm planning to order a dread tool from from dreadheadhq. Figured I'd get their comb while I'm at it. flea comb and crochet hook = cheaper & easier!
I know to stop washing my hair as often in prep (I currently wash every day).
I know to stop conditioning, and maybe even use dish soap a few times first.
I know to section 36-45 pieces for medium dreads.
Lish once suggested I avoid a center part in my sections. I've decided to heed her advice.
I know to backcomb the holy hell outta 'em till they stand on end.
I know to palmroll holy hell outta 'em as often as I think of it, and especially when they're wet.
I know not to wash them for a few days, and to be gentle when I do.
I know to let them hang free as often as possible, especially when young,
because movement helps the locking process.

I know T-gel and teatree oil help with itchies and flakies,
dish soap and Dr. Bronners help strip oils and smell good,
and salt water and aloe vera help tighten.

I know baking soda and apple cider vinegar are good for deep cleaning,
vodka gets out mildew smell (probably cigarettes, too!),
and a dab of essential oil helps them smell pretty longer.

I think I've got the basics. Is there anything I'm missing? Any wisdom you can offer a nearly-newbie who is anxious about taking the plunge?

Also, anyone have any suggestions on where I might find a good "My First Dread Cap" (AKA, Grandma-Can't-Be-Too-Upset-About-What-She-Can't-See Cap)? I'm not Rasta, and I don't want to misrepresent myself as such by wearing the colors, but those seem to be the only caps I can find near me.

New member!

Hi everyone! I have been watching this community for a few weeks and I really like the feel of it. I am new to dreadlocks, mine are only 10 weeks old! It has been a great learning experience for me, that's for sure. This community has already been helpful to me. I am still working my way through the memories, slowly but surely. The memories section is awesome and very well organized!
I started them with wax, because my friend who has had locks for 3 years was helping me and he suggested that, but from what I have read in here I will need to do a deep clean to get that all out. I was also "flipping" them, but I tried to un-flip a lot of them and stopped doing that. Like I said, learning experience. I would appreciate any comments you have about what you think I should do for them, if it's obvious by looking or whatever. Anyway here's a little timeline...
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I love my hair a lot right now. Hope everyone has a good evening!
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