December 10th, 2008

new colour, glasses & shrinkage!!

i have gone for a colour change a few days ago & have had some major shrinkage in the last month so thought its a good time to post some pics! oh, & i got new glasses today so wanted to take pics with them, lol... i am guessing that the shrinkage is due to a concoction i mixed up for washing. i mixed a tea-tree shampoo, dr bronners peppermint liquid soap, half water from the tap & the other half of the water from the ocean. 

now for the pics...

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Re-doing my locks, question about roots

Hi all. I posted here yesterday, maybe 2 days ago, with pictures of my 10-week-old locks. It was suggested that I start them over because of the flipped sections, all the wax, and unhappy back of my head. (Honestly this hadn't even occured to me...dur!) I talked to the friend who started them and he said he didn't mind redoing them for me.

So I started combing/conditioning/working them out last night. They are almost all the way out, but I'm having a lot of trouble undoing the flipped sections (sigh). This was the part I wanted out the most! Anyway my question is, if I leave a little bit together at the roots, will it detrimental in any way to this next set? (Other than looking like a different section, but if I have to live with that I can.) Also if anyone has any tricks for undoing this part let me have 'em!
Thanks all.
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So I heard of people using applesauce to wash their hair on the no poo community. I'm having trouble finding more info. But it sounds like some people have problems with dandruff after washing with it and others don't. I think I shall try this. It's supposed to condition really well. Anyone ever tried this? What were your results?

Sorry No pics right now. Soon though cause I'm past the one year mark now.
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The two most annoying encounters in one week.

So Sunday the boyfriend and I go to the mall (that's the Briarwood mall in Ann Arbor, MI, for anyone who cares) because I was buying him a jacket for Christmas. Well, we're just walking along and I hear someone yelling behind me "Wait! Wait! Stop!" Naturally, I look. Some guy that works at one of those mall kiosks where they try to sell you hair straighteners was standing there. Before I even am fully aware, he's got his hands on my hair and is touching it. This is the first time a stranger has ever touched it without asking. To be fair, he touched other people's hair all day long, probably. Here's pretty much what happened.
"What do you call these?"
"Dreglocks," he repeats, and I don't try to correct him (it was loud and packed full of people). "Where I come from, Isreal, we call them rastas."
"Yeah, a lot of Rastafarians have them," I say.
"A while ago, I didn't cut my hair for years and I tried to get the rastas, but it didn't happen."
I smile. "They take a while sometimes."

Then, today in class, some guy that sits behind me asked if I wanted to smoke a celebratory bowl with him once the final exam was over. His friend, another guy in the class, was like, "Yeah. Do you smoke?" and I said no. He says, "Yeah, but..." and kind of pointed at me a little, then he just trailed off because he probably realized that he was stereotyping.


So after a year of neglect (out of sheer laziness, not intentional) my dreads went from this:



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MY DREADS ARE SO LUMPY. If you can't tell, the one dread I am holding continues to EAT the other ones around it, and despite my constant ripping them apart, it's just insatiable. I give up. I love how my dreads look either way. They've become their own monster. As well, I don't know how I never noticed it before, but I went through a massive amount of shrinkage and most of my dreads have become so fat - like twice the size they were originally.
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2 quick questions:

I'm forgoing conditioner this month in preparation to dread my hair after Xmas. My hair always gets uber staticky in winter from the dry, heated air indoors and all the wool sweaters and coats. Anyone have ideas to help me tame the mane that wants to crawl in my eyes and nose from so much static? It's driving me crazy!

Also, is it better to section hair for dreads from the nape of the neck up toward the hairline (back-to-front), or from the hairline back toward the nape of the neck (front-to-back)?

Thank you all for your help the last few days.
I'm sooo excited! Can't wait to post photos!